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The United States comes First, and all Other Countries can get in Line

July 16, 2018

By: Jenny Lea

(If the title of this editorial offends you, you obviously didn’t read the whole thing.)

When I go through my news feed at numerous social sites, I find it sad to see that people from other nations, meaning not the United States, don’t post anything about their own country. Not all, there are a few people who do post about their own politics. But most don’t post who they are for or against in their own political system, they don’t post current events from their own country. Hell, for all I know, from their wall, they don’t get to vote for any of their politicians and government officials, and their country is totally boring. However, they all seem to have these HUGE noses, when it comes to what is going on in the United States. Every time I turn around Canadians, Brits, a couple people from Australia try to tell Americans who to vote for and who not to vote for, but nothing about their own elections. At least most of the Americans on my news feed, may not give a rats patootie what other countries are up to, but they are more than happy to let everyone know what is going on in their own country, whether they are Democrat, Republican or Libertarian, and whether it is about politics, social events, family life and so on. I would hope, if I lived in another country, I would care more about my own country’s political system then the political system of some other country.

One of their excuses seems to be, “well your political choices can affect our country.” Well, no shit. Guess what? The political choices of every other country, including your country, affects the United States, too. Whether Americans notice it or not, most price fluctuations occur here with the decisions of other countries. Whether the produce prices or availability at the grocery stores go up or down, or product prices change due to manufacturers having to pay for different foreign parts. In some cases regulations in other countries can prevent certain products from being sold in the United States.

Another excuse many people come up with, is they only share posts about their own country to their friends from that country and posts about other countries with friends from that country and so on. If that is the case, what the hell is the point of having foreigners in each other’s friends lists? It is not because it is oh so cool to have someone from another country as a friend, it is because one, that person may be a cool person in general and two, I have a chance to learn more about whatever country other than what I hear in the media.

The top 2 worst countries when it comes to people telling me who to vote for in the US elections is Canada and the UK. Talk about some nosey, pushy people. It is not all my online friends from Canada and the UK, but those who do are damn near obsessed with the United States. However, I never see them post about their own country. Not even the weather, the local eateries, let alone their own political choices. After Europe would be Australia, but so far maybe less than 1% of the Australians in my own list of online friends spend more time complaining about the United States. Most of them do put up posts about what is going on in Australia, and their own country’s political issues. When they do, I read it, learn something new about Australia, or find out they have their own fake information floating around too.

The best countries for online friends who will share more about what is going on in their country and less about their opinions of the United States are most, if not all the Asian Nations, countries throughout Africa, South America, Central America and the Middle East. An online friend from Nigeria posts about how they deal with the hot weather and no air conditioners. What their local fashions consists of and local events. He brings up the issues, not with the President of the United States, but his own President and his local government officials. An online friend from Taiwan shares pictures of her family at their local children’s park. Never thought about how a children’s park in the United States would compare to a children’s park in Taiwan, but the decorative differences are totally cool. She posts pictures of her and her friends out on the town, and I see what her local restaurant looks like and how colorfully lit up the area is in the evening. She has posted photos of her religious traditions, and I also get to see what issues she is dealing with when it comes to the decisions of her local government. There is a man from Singapore in my friends list. I have seen what his local bowling alley looks like in Singapore, how he has made his way through college and the places in Singapore he has worked. What government programs helped him or prevented him from achieving his goals.

I may need to utilize the social site’s translator or copy paste to Google’s translator with some online friends, but I get to know how life is where they live. Whether it be socially, economically or their local government. Sometimes I ended up being laughed at because the translator did a bad job, but in most cases, we figured it all out and both ended up with a good laugh. In many cases, what they have shown me on their social site, will be the closest I will ever get to being able to visit their country.

At the end of the day. Your country is your country. Be proud of it. Vote and make decisions within your country that will make your life better, even if it screws over other countries, including the United States, but don’t expect the people in other countries to care more about your feelings, wants or needs than they care about their own. As an American, America comes first, and all other countries can get in line, and everyone else should feel the same way about their own country.