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Kavanaugh: Another Casualty in the Democrats’ War against Trump

By: Jenny Lea

September 30, 2018

Kavanaugh’s nomination is replacing a Republican Judge, Anthony Kennedy, who many call a moderate but is a Republican Conservative who did not judge by political lines but judged via the facts laid out in front of him. One reason why so many people considered him to be a Moderate. Kavanaugh’s own methods of Judging match up with Judge Kennedy. If Kavanaugh was replacing a Democrat Judge, one could understand why Democrats currently have their pantyhose in such a bunch. 

However, Democrats are using Roe vs Wade as their excuse, but ultimately, they are hoping for a Blue Wave in November. Allowing them to rule the House and Senate and preventing Trump from nominating another new Judge during his first term. The Democrats are then hoping Trump will be a one term President and a Democrat is elected in 2020 allowing them to elect a Democrat Judge to replace a Republican Judge.

In 2016, Judge Scalia passed away and President Obama had the chance to replace a Republican Judge with a Democrat Judge. Republicans refused to vote for Obama’s nomination, Merrick Garland, and allowed the vote to roll into 2017 for Trump to nominate. However, Republicans were not voting for SCOTUS in the 2nd year of a 4-year term, but in the 4th year of a 4-year term. Additionally, the Republicans did not dig up someone who would accuse Merrick Garland of any crime and not have a decent percentage of corroborating evidence to go with the accusations. Unlike the Democratic Senators currently in office, destroying a person’s life with unsubstantiated evidence is a moral line Republicans are not willing to cross.

The Democrats’ lack of a moral compass is not doing them any good. Several old school and moderate Democrats have been rethinking their political party. Many of them are not willing to say they fully support the Republican candidates but are not willing to re-elect any of their Democrat candidates either. Whether they vote for the Republican candidate or choose to not vote, it does not help the Democrat Party.

There is a good number of Leftists, Socialists and Progressives who fully support the Democrat’s tactics. Their view is, who cares how you do it or who gets hurt, as long as the goal is achieved. Those tend to be the same people who show up on media channels at violent rallies. Or troll around social sites attacking their adversaries hoping to silence them. A tactic that worked a few years ago, when they would troll social sites and the comment sections at news feeds and attacked Conservatives, Independents, Libertarians and anyone who didn’t side with them. A good number of people stopped commenting, afraid of being attacked by Far-Left Liberals. Allowing numerous comment sections and political polls to be saturated with Far-Left Wing individuals. However, people will only remain silent for so long, and eventually everyone returned, and were ready to take on online trolls. The most disconcerting Far-Left online trolls are foreigners, and I don’t mean Immigrants. I mean people who live in other countries and are utilizing social media to influence American Voters. Most of the foreigners that are trying to influence U.S. Elections are from Canada and the UK. Australia would come in third place, but in most cases, Australians lean toward the American Right or choose to stay out of foreign politics altogether.

Getting back to Judge Kavanaugh, many Far-Left supporters, whether Foreign or Domestic, are instantly supporting a person who has no direct or circumstantial evidence, other than personal word of mouth. Labeling guilt with such a minimal or non-existent level of evidence is far from the goal of any judicial system. Plus, add the fact that the person being accused does not even have a criminal record that would help substantiate the claims. Instead a yearbook quote from an 18-year-old boy and possibly edited by a yearbook student is the basis of an “evil” past. By the same token, Far-Right supporters who instantly call Dr. Ford a liar and other names are not judging the situation appropriately either. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Personally, I will hear both sides of any situation and utilizing the idea of a Double-Pan Balance Scale put each bit of evidence into its proper pan. In some cases, each pan takes turns, when it comes to which side will overcome the other in finding out the truth. I have found that asking questions about a situation, any situation that is considered news worthy, has some people conversing with me and others calling me a “heartless witch” for having the slightest bit of doubt about whichever side they have taken. But at the end of the day, there is nothing wrong with questioning someone or anyone. Especially when it comes to one person accusing another person of anything, whether it be legal or illegal actions.

As a final note. Many people have criticized Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh getting teary eyed and coming close to crying at the Judicial Committee Hearing. As a victim, Dr. Ford and anyone else, would become emotionally unhinged at having to retell a violent attack. When it comes to Judge Kavanaugh, he is dealing with a situation that is causing people to attack his credibility, his wife, his children, his friends and pretty much everyone he has ever associated with through out his entire life. On allegations, that currently have no proof, other than words of one person. I was raised in the generation of “Men Don’t Cry” but even with that in mind, no matter how manly a man happens to be, there is always a line where that rule no longer maintains itself. However, it is humorous that many of the people making fun of Kavanaugh for coming so close to crying during the hearing, is in or agrees with the generation of “It is Okay for Men to Cry and have Emotions”. Kavanaugh’s life is being destroyed by allegations, that as I said before, currently have NO proof to back it up. And in both cases, whether one is thinking about Dr. Ford or Kavanaugh, the biggest throw in the face, no matter the situation, whether it be the defendant, the prosecutor or a neutral party, is when an honest person is called a liar. There is no where to go with anything, when honesty is being called a lie. However, a liar can adjust their story until it is believable. For example, say an honest person tells everyone they caught a fish that is 2 feet long. If no one believes them, they can show them the fish, but if they don’t have the fish with them, they can’t tell everyone the fish was really a foot long; because that would be a lie. However, if a liar walks in and tells everyone he caught a fish that was 3 feet long and no one believes him, he can take a step back and say, well it was really 2 feet long, and if need be, drop down to a foot and a half until it is believable, even if the fish was really half a foot or they didn’t catch a fish at all. For all those who are not honest, they don't know how much it hurts to be told they are lying when they are telling the truth. No matter the circumstances. Whether it has to do with a violent attack, a car accident, an employment record or anything else. For those who are honest and have been accused of lying, they know how much it hurts. And that pain increases by how significant the person is, who calls them a liar or the consequences for lying.

Take in the facts as they roll out into the public arena. Allow those facts to make you lean in one direction or the other. Debate with those who have also taken in the facts and lean in different directions. However, if you haven’t taken in the facts and instantly believe a person you have never met, by nothing more than a verbal claim. Don’t go around attacking people who choose to NOT instantly trust the words of a stranger, and the same goes for the flip side.

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