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Liberals Suffer from Psychological Projection

August 4, 2018

By: Jenny Lea

For the longest time, I thought psychological projection was a childhood trait. Most people probably remember that childhood bully that would start an argument, whether it would be verbal or physical, and when the teacher showed up the bully would instantly blame the innocent child for starting it. While that poor innocent kid is figuring out they have been hornswoggled, they are already being walked to the principles office, and the bully, who really did start it, is heading to class with a big grin on their face. Teachers did start to figure out the tactic, but rather than put effort into figuring out who started the fight and who was merely defending themselves, they brought both kids to the office for punishment. It was great that the guilty child was being punished, but the innocent kid was being punished for defending him or herself and some innocent kids grew up thinking defending themselves is just as bad as starting the fight and their only alternative is to sit and take it. Not a good trait for any child to grow up with, and not a good incentive for bullies to continue bullying knowing their classmates have been trained to sit and take it.

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Little did I know, the ‘childhood trait’ was really a Liberal trait. At least in the adult world. As a kid, growing up, politics was politics. Groups passed out pamphlets, held up signs or went door to door trying to convince people who to vote for, but in 2008 it took a turn for the worse. At least in South Texas. In South Texas, one home would have a Democrat candidate sign on their front lawn and their neighbor had a Republican sign on their lawn. They didn’t attack each other. They were probably good friends. They probably debated about the issues, but at the end of the day they laughed and had a good time being neighbors. In 2008, people with McCain bumper stickers or yard signs had their cars or homes vandalized. It was a shock for most people residing in South Texas. Stuff like that didn’t happen. Some people may have heard rumors of it happening up North or in the BIG cities, but not in the Rio Grande Valley. After all the vandalism and attacks in 2008, most conservatives were afraid to let anyone know they were supporting Romney or any Republican in 2012. So, they may or may not have purchased the bumper sticker, but if they did they kept it in their desk drawer. One would see an Obama sign in one yard, and all the other yards showed no support for any candidate. In many cases the yards with no signs, were supporting a Republican, but they didn’t care to advertise it. Not because they were ashamed to admit it, but for self-preservation. Having to fix your car or property can get expensive, even with insurance. When it came to the voting booths, in Cameron County, Texas a few poll workers had to be replaced for trying to influence the vote. One person was replaced for suggesting who to vote for in the school board elections and another poll worker was replaced for telling everyone how great a job Obama was doing. Minor issues when one looks at Union supporters, local gangs or racially motivated groups (from both sides) standing outside and inside voting booths in some cities, outside of the Rio Grande Valley. All of which barely made the mainstream news feeds, but something that should have been plastered on all mainstream news feeds.

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2012 was also the year I first experienced an online Troll. Before then, people could read a news article, leave a comment and move on. In some cases, they would receive a thumbs up/down or an educated response that had a chance of starting an interesting debate. But liberals found another way to attack people, trolling. And their trolling did not show any signs of intelligence. Most of it was nothing more than insults, and if you defended yourself, they would continue with the insults and when they got tired of the conversation they would point the finger at the other person. Rather than accept the fact that they started the conversation with the conservative, they would try to turn it around and make it seem as if the conservative started the conversation with them. If possible, they would delete most or all their posts, so anyone who stopped by only saw the posts made by the conservative and the last few posts made by the liberal troll telling the conservative to leave them alone. That is why I now take screen shots of anyone who chooses to troll any of my online comments and when they delete all their evidence, I post the screenshots. Leave it to liberals to preach transparency and then go around deleting all the evidence. Since then some conservatives have bounced around trolling liberals. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but ultimately liberals started it, they can blame themselves for giving conservatives the idea to troll others. It also caused a number of conservatives to think twice about replying at news feeds. That was the liberal troll’s goal, to silence the conservative. Don’t let online trolls silence you, speak up.


In 2016, one could tell that Trump was a threat to the Democratic Party. Vandalizing a car or home became minor issues compared to what started up. People started blocking roads, trying to prevent Trump supporters from going to a Trump rally. When that didn’t stop the Trump supporters, liberals started to become violent, throwing objects at Trump supporters or getting into physical scuffles, hoping to scare them away from the rallies. Once Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election, the liberal tactics altered. Liberals started with numerous tears and rolled into so many ways to pretty much describe how the sky was going to start falling. Some of them resorted to depression and others decided to find violent ways to let the world know they are unhappy. One liberal, who campaigned for Bernie Sanders, decided to shoot up a baseball field full of Republican politicians. Democrat politicians stood on their soap boxes threatening to pretty much not do their job. They were and have been unwilling to compromise. To such a degree, many of them won’t even read a bill that was submitted by a Republican, they just instantly vote no. They have made threats or suggested liberals should be violent toward conservatives or anyone who supports Trump. Liberal celebrities have threatened to blow up the White House, behead the President, slap or punch the President and numerous other threats toward either Trump, his staff or his supporters.

At some point, people had to expect conservatives to stop sitting around and taking all the bullying from the political left. Most conservatives are not purposely going out and looking for a fight, but when the fight comes to them, many of them are more than willing to fight back. However, one would think that liberals would realize their victims are defending themselves and take a step back, tone down their own attacks. But no, instead they are now pointing the finger at conservatives, trying to make it seem as if the conservatives started it, and in the process they are increasing the violence and drama. Either they all suffer from psychological projection or they have short memories. Conservatives did not block people from going to Obama rallies. Conservatives did not vandalize cars or homes of the people who showed support for Obama. Conservatives didn’t spend hours in their parent’s basement trolling people at social sites and news feeds. No, conservatives were doing what they felt was important to them, spending time with their families and friends after an 8+ hour work day and on their days off.

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