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Obama's White Privilege

Funny how people pick one part of someone's racial background over another. Obama is half black and half white, making him approximately the sixth President in the US to be part black and somehow society and the mainstream media ignored Obama's “privileged” white half and declared him the first black President.

Not even four years after Obama’s Presidency Leftists claim that if someone has “white” in their bloodline they can thank every good thing that has happened to them to that white privilege running through their veins. By today’s Leftist standards not only can Barrack Obama thank his privileged white half for getting him the Presidency, but Michelle Obama spent her adult life riding her husband’s white privileged half. If it were not for her husband’s “white privilege” she never would have been the First Lady.

Systemic racism, also known as institutional racism, is now the phrase for Leftists to toss at people. The phrase systemic racism came about in the late 1960’s. Back then racism was systemic. The government at federal, state and city levels segregated people according to their race. Black folks could not drink from certain water fountains, sit in certain seats, limit where they could work and live, and the list goes on. When racism is integrated into a government’s laws, the people have no real control over it. There were numerous white people against such laws, but if they helped someone break the law, they were instantly guilty too. It took numerous protests, petitions, and court hearings to demolish the government’s systemic racist laws. Now a days, laws are not race specific. Including the punishment for breaking the laws. All the protests and rioting are not going to change laws that are already racially equal. If anything, it shows that people are seeking to go back to race specific laws, but rather than laws that make their life harder, they are looking for better than other laws. Something that does not promote equality, and if anything will increase racism in the US rather than decrease it. This lack of racist laws does not mean that racism does not exist. Racism does exist, but it is through the welfare system and at an individual level.

When it comes to individuals there are racist judges, police officers, doctors, teachers, cashiers, waiter/waitresses and pretty much every career and job title across the world. The problem with all the current protests is they are not naming names. If individuals, not laws, are guilty of racism than put some names out there. Which judges are racist? Make sure they are not re-elected or re-assigned. It is illegal for a judge to be bias or prejudice. Tossing a blanket across the entire judicial system will not help anyone in the long run. Because, some of those same racist judges will still be sitting at their bench making legal decisions, and who knows how many good, honest, non-objective judges will be prosecuted rather than applauded for doing a great job. Same goes for other careers. Throwing a blanket across all police officers allows the racist cops to hide behind the non-racist cops. Put some names out there. There are websites dedicated to bad drivers, convicted felons, etc.

Now for the welfare system, a current day program that practices systemic racism. The media, nor the Democrats every seem to bring up a program that originally had good intentions, but today is an example of systemic racism, the U.S. Public Welfare Program. Any program that punishes their recipients for doing better, is not working in the best interest of its recipients. Republican’s interest in the program originated with helping single mothers in a period where most women did not work. Since then, Democrats have made sure to keep as many minorities in the program as possible and making sure the program is set up to keep them there. While Republicans try to create more jobs and certificate programs, Democrats try to create more section eight housing and more free stuff for welfare recipients. That right there tells you, Republicans are trying to help people better themselves, and Democrats are trying to keep people tied up in the welfare system. A system that controls what people can purchase, how much money a person, not working, is worth, and that is not determined by their abilities, experience, education, or skills. The worth of a welfare recipient is determined by their gender, age, child production, racial background, and other prejudice characteristics. And Democrat politicians make sure to remind welfare recipients on an annual basis they need to vote Democrat. Because, if the Democrat wins, they get to keep their welfare, and if the Republican wins, they will lose their welfare. Making most welfare recipients lifelong Democrat voters.

At the end of the day. If you genuinely want to end racism. Stop teaching children of any racial backgrounds to be racist toward other racial groups. Stop being prejudice toward OTHER people’s lifestyles. Stop blaming your own downfalls in life to the other people's "White Privilege". Call out those who are being racist or prejudice. Calling them out does not mean the Mainstream Media has to report it. In most cases, the local media will be enough to allow those who need to know about it know about it. If the source of racism is coming from employees at a local business, residents that care will stop supporting that local business. If it is a local judge, local voters will choose not to vote for them next election or they can write to their local politicians about said judge. Go to a city hall meeting at least a few times a year to see what is going on in your city and to voice your own opinions. Numerous people have told me that petitions, going to city hall meetings, writing their politicians, etc. does not work. However, everyone who tells me that has never tried, they assume or have been told by others that none of it works. Well… I have tried it and sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. When it does not work, I either try again or accept the idea that not everyone else in town wants what I want and I move on, rather than try to force it on others.