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List of Blogs for Grown Ups

For some reason society continues to hide anything sexual in the corner or under the carpet, no pun intended. So the list of adult blogs are kept separate from the list of non-adult blogs.

A Porn Search Engine? OH MY!!!

Looking for porn videos, but not sure where to go? Head on over to and find the free porn you are looking for at any time of the day or night. They also offer a free extension for Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Explorer. Even Google’s ... Read Full Post

Facebook Naughty Pages

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Jenny's Naughty News

Adult news, jokes, comics and more.

Jenny's Naughty Women

Jenny's sexy women. Whether they are short or tall, thin or full of curves if they can make it look good Jenny will post them.

Jenny's Naughty Men

Jenny's hot and sexy men. Tall to short, thin to bulky, young to old, etc. If they can make it look good, Jenny will post it.