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Freedom to Choose

By: Jenny Lea; February 7, 2020

Political candidates bring up the number of Americans who are not signed up for health insurance. However, it is not due to the lack of companies offering health insurance. It is due to the ability to make a choice. An ability that was taken away from Americans in 2010. Sure, Americans could have declined the health insurance, but they would be penalized each year by the IRS. A penalty that increased every year and eventually became just as costly as declining the health insurance. So, many Americans finally succumbed to the penalty and signed up for health insurance.

Now that Americans can choose, without being threatened with a penalty, some are declining health insurance. Some Americans cannot afford the health insurance, and not because it has gone up in the last couple years. 2010 was the financial roller coaster for those who were utilizing health insurance. Many Americans saw an increase in their premiums or their monthly fees, forced to change to a Doctor that was affiliated with their insurance and a number of other issues. Others decline health insurance; because, they don’t feel they currently need it and they might as well save the money.

When you see political candidates trying to use the less people on health insurance tactic, make sure their numbers only include Americans who do not have access to health insurance. Not, Americans who make an adult decision to not have health insurance.

Additionally, make sure their way to solve the issue of high insurance costs is not tossed on the backs of other Americans in order to reduce the costs for only SOME Americans. It is already hard enough for Americans to climb the so-called financial ladder without having to fight their way through government regulations and taxes.