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Texas Debate 1 out of 3: Ted Cruz vs. "Beto" O'Rourke

By: Jenny Lea

September 24, 2018

The first of three debates with Ted Cruz and Beto O’Rourke. During the introductory footage Ted Cruz said he wants to keep Texas Red! Beto, wants to get Texas “back on the right track.” Texas is doing just fine, and Beto trying to derail Texas is not going to be good for hard working Texans. Below is the summary of responses to questions both Cruz and Beto were asked during the debate. Be aware BOTH sides threw mud at each other. Cruz gave more answers to the questions, but after answering the questions he didn’t waste his remaining seconds. He made sure to utilize every second. Beto did not always answer every question, but still utilized every available second.

Question 01: Beto said he wants citizenship for dreamers today, and yet others who apply to come to America continue to wait. Senator Cruz said he does not support a path for Dreamers, which means they can be sent to a country they have never known. Who is right?

Beto: Started by thanking the media, the venue, Cruz and the audience. Said he visited all 254 counties in Texas. Found numerous “Republicans” who support the Dream Act. And he wants to make everyone in Texas equal, he wants to give all Dreamers U.S. Citizenship, so everyone can contribute to Texas and the U.S. He ended by saying Senator Cruz wants to “deport each and every single Dreamer.”

Daca Guidelines:

Cruz: Started with “Good Evening and Welcome.” His views on immigration are very simple. Legal=Good and Illegal=Bad. “When it comes to immigration, we need to do everything humanly possible to secure the border. That means building a wall, that means technology, that means infrastructure, that means boots on the ground. And we can do all of that at the same time that we are welcoming and celebrating legal immigrants. There is a right way to come to this country. You wait in line, you follow the rules.” And Beto is more concerned with fighting for illegal immigrants over American Citizens.

Beto: Accused Cruz of wanting to build a huge, expensive wall, that will be placed on people’s properties on the U.S. side of the border. Went on about how he talked to Senator Cornyn about commercial trade on the border and how they plan to keep track of what comes and goes on the border.

Note: the trade Beto talks about keeping track of, is the legal trade that currently occurs by crossing one of the many bridges that connect the US with Mexico. Drug dealers, human traffickers and other illegal activities tend to occur at the border where Cruz and Trump plan to build the wall.

Question 01B: Do you think anyone who is undocumented, living here should have a path to citizenship?

Beto: Brought up immigrants in Texas who are willing to work. (He did not separate Legal Immigrants from illegal immigrants.) There should be an “earned path to citizenship”. He then went on to say Cruz plans to deport over 11 million people.

(Cruz was not given the chance to respond.)

Question 02: This month in Dallas, Officer Amber Guyger, shot Botham Jean, a black man, in his own apartment. Why did you caution Representative O’Rourke and others not to jump to conclusions in this case? When the Texas Rangers and the Dallas County District Attorney said she committed manslaughter.

Cruz: The Officer made a tragic mistake. She thought she was in her own home and thought Mr. Jean was an intruder. Cruz admitted to not knowing all the facts, and was not willing to choose sides. And Beto did not know all the facts, but immediately chose sides. We have a legal system and if she truly broke the law, she will face the consequences, but without knowing the facts, Beto is already ready to convict her. When it comes to law enforcement, Beto sides against the police and he described law enforcement as “modern day Jim Crow”. Cruz believes that is offensive and law enforcement risk their lives for others. Being offensive to law enforcement is not modern-day Texas.

Video of Beto saying “some have called this, and I think it is an apt description, the new Jim Crow.”

(Got distracted at YouTube. Watched about eight random videos. Luckily, I paused the debate and was able to go back to where I had left off.)

Beto: Denies calling law enforcement the new Jim Crow. His Uncle was in Law Enforcement. When it comes to Officer Guyger, it is just another “unarmed Black man” shot by police officers.

Question 02B: Do you agree that police violence against unarmed African Americans is a problem, and if so how would you fix it.

Cruz: Believes everyone’s right should be protected, regardless of race and/or ethnicity. He has been to, too many Police funerals. Police are gunned down due to “irresponsible and hateful rhetoric.” For example, Beto repeats things he knows are not true. “[Beto] stated that white police officers are shooting unarmed African American children. The Washington Post fact checked that claim and concluded [Beto] was wrong. But I will tell you something, that rhetoric does damage. That rhetoric divides us on race, it inflames hatred. We should be bringing people together, instead of suggesting the police are risking their lives to protect all of us. To protect African Americans. To protect Hispanics. And turning people against the Police. I think it is profoundly irresponsible.”

Link to the Washington Post article:

Beto: Claims Cruz said something Beto did not say, but when Cruz asked him what it was, Beto said he would not repeat the “slander”. Then accused Cruz of using this lie tactic to create fear and confusion. But Beto, would not say what was supposedly a lie. Democrat smoke and mirrors?

Question 03: Polls show that most Americans don’t think that NFL players should be kneeling during the National Anthem. But, Beto believes people should be able to protest, and what would he say about voters who believe he is out of step with Texas on this issue?

Beto: He started with saying the Police are sworn to protect everyone, not just specific people. Then he brought up Military risking their lives in Afghanistan to protect the Constitution and the Constitution covers ALL Americans. Then he went on about racism during the Civil War and in the 1960s in the US and the Southern States. He believes people who have the ability to protest should protest, there is “nothing more American than that.” Never really focused on Texas or Texans specifically, more like a pre-prepared soap box speech concerning the NFL players.

Cruz: One of the reasons he is a Republican is the Civil Rights legislation was overwhelming passed by Republicans. The Dixiecrats were imposing Jim Crow. That is why he is proud to be part of the party that promotes equal rights. “But nowhere, in [Beto’s] answer did, he address the fact that when you have people during the National Anthem taking a knee, refusing to stand for the National Anthem, that you are disrespecting the millions of Veterans, the millions of Soldiers and Sailors and Air Men and Marines that risk and fight and die to protect that flag and to protect our Liberty…. Everyone has a right to protest, everyone has a right to speak, but you can speak in a way that doesn’t disrespect the flag, that doesn’t disrespect the National Anthem…. Dr. King stood for justice without disrespecting the men and women who fight for this country.”

The US Code for the Flag and Anthem:

(It does not mention kneeling, but it does mention standing during the American Anthem for both Civilians and Military personnel.)

Beto: He started by criticizing Cruz’s answer as being over dramatic. Going on about how Cruz said the GOP being better than the DNC, and Beto could care less about either party right now. We need to come together for the United States. In other words, he didn’t respond to Cruz, he grabbed his soap box. He didn’t correct Cruz, or debate on Cruz’s statement.

Question 04: Dr. Christine Blasey Ford may testify about her alleged sexual assault by Judge Kavanaugh. Is there anything that you, Cruz, could hear from her that would make you change your vote?

Cruz: He hopes she does testify. Her allegations are serious and deserves to be heard. He also hopes Kavanaugh has the chance to defend himself. And let the American people know what has happened. He claims Beto, does not want Kavanaugh to win the nomination. He didn’t want it before the allegations or after the allegations. Beto agrees with Hillary Clinton, that all justices should be liberal judges.

Beto: Cruz has a bad history on supporting judges. Beto believes Dr. Ford’s allegations should be investigated by the FBI. (Note: the FBI does not hold jurisdiction on such allegations. It would be the responsibility of the local authority where the incident supposedly occurred.) He does agree that he is against Judge Kavanaugh, both before and after the allegations. He brought up Judge Kavanaugh is from a state that is prejudice to gay rights, and Kavanaugh is not a supporter of Roe v Wade.

Cruz: Brought up that Beto did not dispute what Cruz had said earlier in the response to the question. Cruz brought up how Beto and Hillary Clinton want judges that will limit the 2nd Amendment. Beto then said he supports the 2nd Amendment. (Even though Beto’s campaign page brings up banning certain weapons and setting up ammunition restrictions.)

The moderators gained control of the debate and moved on to the next question.

Question 05: You, Beto, believes in universal background checks and an “assault weapons” ban in a very gun friendly state. Is Texas ready for a Senator that wants to roll back gun rights?

Beto: He thinks Texas is ready for a Senator that will protect the 2nd Amendment, but also protect the lives of people. He believes most Texans support universal background checks. He brought up that “weapons of war” such as an AR-15 are meant for nothing but killing people and have no reason to be available to Americans.

Cruz: There is something wrong with shooting. Such as losing moral values and lack of “God” in society. Texans want more armed police and trained individuals to protect students and other people.

Beto: He believes bringing a firearm into schools will not save lives. And that “thoughts and prayers” will not save people.

Cruz: Bringing more armed police officers into schools is not “thoughts and prayers” and he is sorry that Beto does not believe in thoughts and prayers, but Cruz will pray for anyone in harms way, but he will also do something about it. Cruz has put legislation on the table to add metal detectors in schools, more armed police officers, but the Democratic Party has filibustered that legislation and preferred to put restrictions on the 2nd Amendment.

Question 06: In 2016 Cruz and Trump pulled numerous punches at each other. Now that Trump is President, Cruz has praised Trump. How do you respond to critics that say, when it comes to President Trump, you, Cruz, have lost your dignity?

Cruz: After the election he had a choice. To do the job he was elected to do. So, he has worked hand in hand with the President. He could have chosen to be selfish, but that would have meant to not do the job he was elected to do.

Beto: He has visited 254 counties in Texas (2nd time to mention). People wonder where Cruz has been, while Cruz becomes friends with a President who may have colluded with Russia. We need a Senator that will stand up to Donald Trump.

Cruz: The Texas Farm Bureau has endorsed Ted Cruz. Beto has supported Obama’s waters of the US rule, that puts massive burdens on farmers and ranchers. Beto has voted for the death tax. Beto has already admitted he will fight against Donald Trump, rather than work with Donald Trump.

Question 07: Concerning Beto’s 1998 DWI arrest. A witness said he tried to flee the scene of the accident. Did he and should voters be concerned?

Beto: He said he did not try to flee the scene, but he did drive drunk. He blames “white privilege” for him not getting a felony from the DWI.

Note: in the State of Texas the first time to commit a DWI is a misdemeanor. It is not about “white privilege” it is about how the law is set up. If someone has a felony for driving drunk, they committed multiple DWIs.

Cruz: He did not wish to get into Beto’s personal history. However, he did bring up that Beto is trying to make it easier for people with drug convictions to be able to get a driver’s license. Cruz indicated he is willing to discuss legalizing marijuana, but Beto wishes to legalize all narcotics.

Beto: Clarified he does not want to legalize heroin, cocaine or fentanyl, but he focused on legalizing marijuana.

Cruz: Reminded everyone that nine years ago Beto fought to legalize ALL narcotics.

Question 07: How do you propose addressing the healthcare needs of Texans?

Cruz: Obamacare has financially hurt people. Obama made numerous broken promises. We need to protect pre-existing conditions. We need to supply more insurance companies and more options.

Beto: Beto doesn’t believe Obamacare can be appealed without removing pre-existing conditions. He then brought up one tear jerker story after another and wants to add Medicare to the MarketPlace as an option for EVERYONE, not just those who have put money into the program.

Cruz: Wants to fix Obamacare, and Beto has done nothing to try to fix Obamacare. Beto wants to socialize medicine and socializing medicine will do nothing but hurt everyone in Texas.

Question 08: What could you do to reign in President Trump on trade. Why should voters believe you, Beto, would do any better than Cruz, who has a working relationship with Trump.

Beto: Has been to all 254 counties. (3rd time to mention) He said Cruz has allowed Trump to make enemies with other countries and with the EU.

Cruz: Free trade is good for Texas. He has talked to Trump about setting up trade with Canada and Mexico. They have been working with the EU. Cruz does not believe Beto has ever met the President and the only thing he has heard Beto say about working with the President, is trying to impeach the President.

Beto: He is willing to work with anyone, including the President. (Question 06 Beto said he would stand against the President.)

Question 09: Why do you, Cruz, represent Texas values and your opponent does not?

Cruz: He has worked to support Texas for six years. Beto wants to abolish ICE, he wants to impeach President Trump. Cruz believes Texans want lower taxes.

Beto: He has been to all the Texas counties. (4th time to mention) He then went on to say how many votes Cruz missed in the Senate, how many counties he has not visited. Cruz gets donations from corporations. He never said if or how he himself represents Texas values.

Cruz: Reminded Beto, that representing Texas does not mean visiting all the counties doing photo ops. Cruz has been “on the ground” not for a photo op, but during natural disasters, such as Hurricane Harvey. In West, Texas during the plant explosion. Representing Texas is being there for Texas, not for George Soros and big liberal interests.

Question 10: The Texas business community supported the tax overhaul Beto voted against. How can he, Beto, represent those businesses?

Beto: Cruz received donations from the businesses the bill was going to benefit.

Cruz: Beto supports higher taxes, including a rain tax, pool tax and the death tax. Beto doesn’t want to cut taxes. He wants to raise taxes.

Beto: El Paso passed their budget while he has been working in El Paso.

Question 11: Tell us something you admire about your opponent.

Beto: Cruz works hard in the Senate with a great sacrifice to his kids and his family.

Cruz: Beto also has a family and respects that sacrifice. He commended Beto for fighting for the principles he believes in. He also commended Bernie Sanders for fighting for what he believes in, Socialism. He does not agree with them, but commends them for fighting for what they believe in.

Beto: True to form. (Note: Beto’s far left campaign issues does place him in the political category of being a Socialist. If someone is offended at Cruz calling him a socialist, they should not be voting for Beto. If anything, they should find the label “Socialist” a compliment.)

Closing Statement:

Cruz: In November, two Senators will be on the ballot, but so will paychecks, jobs, your 401K will be on the ballot. Beto supports “Medicare for All”, so everyone can use Medicare. Including, illegal immigrants and people who have not put a penny into Medicare. It will bankrupt Medicare and the people who have put their money into Medicare won’t be able to utilize it. He has fought for smaller government and he will always stand and fight for Texas.

Beto: Once again he thanked the media, the venue and everyone watching the debate. He is a Texan before he is a Democrat, a Republican or an Independent. He also brought up the 254 counties he visited in Texas. (5th time to mention.) He feels he is up to the task, no matter what the task may be.

Jenny’s Closing Statement: As I stated before, both candidates threw their fair share of mud. A number of liberals raced to Ted Cruz’s Twitter feed and accused Cruz of being the only mudslinger, but no, both slung mud. Ted Cruz pretty much answered each question, but he usually had a quick, short answer that did not take up his entire 90 seconds. I don’t blame him for not letting those seconds go to waste. Beto, made sure to utilize his entire time to answer each question too, but did not always answer the question. Ted Cruz’s responses to each question, is who Ted Cruz has been since he was elected to office. There is no smoke and mirror campaign, Ted Cruz is Ted Cruz. When you vote for Ted Cruz, you know who and what you are voting for in the Senate. Beto on the other hand is running a 2008 Obama Campaign. His commercials and rally speeches make him out to be some nice guy who is closer to being an Independent, than a Democrat. By his responses during this first debate, it shows he is, like his campaign website, a FAR-LEFT candidate.