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A Porn Search Engine? OH MY!!!

August 2, 2017

By: Jenny Lea

Looking for porn videos, but not sure where to go? Head on over to and find the free porn you are looking for at any time of the day or night. They also offer a free extension for Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Explorer. Even Google’s safe browsing diagnostic gave it a thumbs up. (Safety issues at any website, adult or nonadult, fluctuate daily.)

Before finding PornMD one had to deal with the, oh so tiring, task of free porn site hopping. Head on over to PornHub, do a few searches, then a few searches at YouPorn and so on. Now it is pretty much a one stop search and one gets to find the free porn that makes them feel all warm and willing. Not sure how many sites the search engine utilizes. I didn’t see any results that led directly to Heavy-R or XNXX.

Once at PornMD viewers have multiple choices they can make. They can allow the search to include all the video sources available in the search engine or select specific sources. If one is not sure about what they would like to search for, they can click on “Most Popular” and see what everyone else has been searching for lately, or click on “Live Search” to see what people are currently searching. If one wants to know what people are searching for around the world, click on “trending” and one can check out what is trending in different countries.

Many adult search engines have started and fizzled. Cross your fingers PornMD keeps up the great work.