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Free Birth Control was the Gateway to High Priced HIV Prevention Pharma Drugs

Posted by Jenny Lea on June 30, 2018 at 2:20 PM

From 2008 to 2011, Democrat Politicians claimed women have been wanting insurance companies to pay for birth control pills for decades. BULL$%IT! Since at least the late 1970’s women have asked, petitioned and protested for insurance companies to be required to cover partial hysterectomies, not just full hysterectomies. Birth control pills can cause mood swings, decreased libido, weight gain, spotting and many other side effects. For some women, birth control pills do not work, and pregnancy can still occur. If Democrat politicians truly listened to women, they would have fought for partial hysterectomies. Fighting for birth control pills was not for the women’s vote, but for the younger generation vote. A generation that has grown up and has become dependent on the idea that a pill can fix everything. If anything, Democrat politicians could have at least fought for both partial hysterectomies and birth control pills. Some insurance companies do cover partial hysterectomies, but not many. However, if women still needed to pay for their own birth control pills, they may not have been able to afford that pricey drug that prevents HIV.

Categories: Rants & Raves, Fancifully Healthy