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Chuck Schumer Attacks Texas

Posted by Jenny Lea on September 13, 2017 at 1:05 AM

Chuck Schumer said in an interview that Texas did not help with Hurricane Sandy and he hopes Texas learned its lesson. Texas tried to help after Hurricane Sandy, but when they arrived in New Jersey and New York, many of them were told they had to join their Union or they couldn’t help, so they said no thanks and went home. Other groups managed to start helping without joining any Union and while they tried to repair utilities and move rubble they were shot at, some of them lost all their equipment to looters. They came back to Texas complaining that the people were rude, mean, looting. I didn’t hear a single nice anything said about New York and New Jersey. No matter how much or how little they managed to help, every Texan was glad to be back in Texas after Sandy. As for the hope we will learn, Texas has taken care of itself for a good while, there isn’t much to learn other than reinforce our infrastructure. I thank those who went to South Texas to help repair the power after Hurricane Dolly. I saw Electric and Fire trucks from Louisiana, Oklahoma, Florida but I didn’t see any trucks that said New York or New Jersey. Yankees like Schumer wonder why there is still a line that divides the North and the South, it is that kind of holier than though Yankee attitude, that is why. Schumer can stuff his ‘New Yawhk’ opinions where the sun doesn’t shine!

Categories: Rants & Raves, Doc's Discussions