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Kids Crossdressing

Posted by Jenny Lea on May 1, 2017 at 11:20 PM

The part that gets me about kids crossdressing isn’t the fact that a little boy wants to wear a dress or a little girl wants to…not wear a dress, it is the fact that it is an issue. It should not be an issue. I can understand it being an issue for teenagers but not pre-teens. When I was a kid, I didn’t care what the hell I wore to school, and that is because my Mom loved to dress me up in Easter Dresses and shiny black shoes. I don’t know why they are called Easter dresses, I wore them from about August to May every freaking year. I would roll my eyes when Mom made me wear the fancy dress, but it wasn’t because I cared about the dress, I wanted to be able to run around the playground, play on the swings. The dress didn’t stop me. I still ran all over the playground playing freeze tag, dodge ball, climbed all over the jungle gym and up and down the slide. I remember the slide was metal…so, I didn’t always play on the slide if the sun was glaring on it, and it had nothing to do with the dress, it was the fact that I appreciated my top layer of skin, and those shiny black shoes had like no tread what so ever to help with getting away from the hot metal. As one would guess, I went through a lot of fancy dresses. I don’t know how many times I came home from school with a torn up petticoat and scratched up knees. As soon as Mom saw it she would always start with: “JENNIFER! Money does not grow on trees!” and end with “go to your room!”. I honestly don’t remember what she said in between, as soon as she brought up money growing on trees, my brain veered into imagining a huge tree with money for leaves and as you climbed up the tree silver and gold coins would start falling out of it. So, yeah, she may have had some majorly helpful money information in there, but I don’t remember it, sorry Mom. Other than joking about the whole thing, I don’t have any mental scars because I had to wear a dress. I was a kid, and getting what I wanted was not always going to happen.


Fashion was not on my give a crap list when I was a kid. I don’t think I started paying attention to name brands until whatever point in Junior High and into High School. Even then I have never been a big fan of what is cool or not cool in the fashion industry. I made my life easier by going with jeans and a t-shirt. My Mom did try to get me to wear some dressier alfits and nope, was not going to do that. Not so much the whole wanting to be comfortable while sitting in a desk for one hour after another, but fashion in Junior High and High School is not really fashion. It is more like, who can go to school wearing the most expensive name brands and who can do the best job at wearing the same thing some actor or actress is wearing on some show or movie or copy what the mannequin at the store is wearing. Most of the kids have no clue how to mix and match their clothes. They just know how to be a bunch of fashion copycats, while walking around acting like a bunch of fashionistas. I wasn’t going to tell my parents they should spend more money on clothes so I could be a copycat like the rest of them and so, I found jeans and a t-shirt to be a somewhat neutral and low priced fashion choice. There were kids that bugged me, but I just told them to go to hell, move on or whatever colorful teenage reply seemed to work. They would leave me alone after I was willing to push back and in many cases we became good friends even though I had on jeans and a t-shirt and they copied ‘Emmy’ or ‘Frances Houseman’.


The whole toddlers and pre-teens crossdressing or not crossdressing isn’t about transgender or any gender issue. It is about a kid doing what they want, without an adult telling them otherwise. It is great that kids can get what they want, but how does that teach them life? How does it prevent them from becoming a spoiled brat? Plus, one has to keep a child’s way of thinking in mind. Is the child truly wanting to cross-dress, or is the child merely looking at it more as having fun wearing a costume? Give kids a chance to grow up, and at the very least let them reach the age of puberty before taking their sexual preferences in life seriously.

Ultimately, this whole crossdressing issue is a media distraction. Whether the distraction helps to hide whatever is going on in D.C. or to hide what current and past politicians are up to, it is a distraction. There may be a school with enough cross dressing kids to have an issue, but in most cases schools have less than 1% or none of their students wanting to cross dress. However, the media and the DNC Party insist on making a non-issue an issue. The list of possible non-issues is never ending. When the whole cross dressing fad fades away, there will be something else to complain about. Hell, in 2007 the liberal media spent half the year analyzing the word ‘nappy’. In 2008, the liberal media spent half the year analyzing the use of a noose in an advertisement. There is always something, that doesn’t need to be as big as it becomes, but the liberal media will be more than happy to blow it out of proportion and make it bigger than it ever needed to be.

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