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Working Online is not an Easy Task

Posted by Jenny Lea on April 19, 2017 at 4:25 AM

Working online is not an easy task. Let me be more specific. Working as an affiliate or outside sales representative is not an easy task. Especially if one doesn’t have much funding for advertising nor wishes to spam everyone. There are numerous sites that make it sound, oh so easy and quick to start bringing in one sale after another, but it doesn’t entirely work that way. If one has plenty of money to spare they can start up quickly. However, advertising is not cheap and many companies have restrictions on where they allow their advertising to be placed. Many companies will not honor sales that originated from social sites or were listed on any site they consider to be of an adult nature. It is understandable that companies have restrictions, but none the less, it does not make one’s job any easier.

When it comes to advertising, it isn’t cheap, especially if one is hoping for thousands of clicks to their site and some of those clicks bringing in sales. Ultimately, advertising is a gamble. However, it is a gamble that allows for more than just luck. One can do their research about each product or company and find the best locations with the most potential customers. There are free advertising sites, but in most cases they are full of other affiliates hoping to bring in potential customers. Potential customers are not likely to be visiting free advertising sites. The best thing to publish at free advertising sites is offers to join affiliate programs.

Most social sites will offer banner space at a low price compared to high traffic websites. The problem in this area is many companies will not allow affiliates to post their company links at social sites or at least in some cases specific social sites, and shortening links does not prevent companies from seeing the source of the click. Starting one’s own website will help to eliminate social sites as a source. There are plenty of free sites, such as and, to go to in order to set up one’s own website. Once one has a website the goal is to give people a reason to visit the site. The site can be used to write blogs, to supply information on a certain subject or multiple subjects, a store front to sell hobby items, supply news links and so on. The number of possible ideas are unlimited, but one needs to make sure they have interest in their own site.

Working online as an affiliate can be rewarding. One can choose their own hours, be their own boss and have no limits on the total commissions earned. However, it takes hard work and some creative thinking.

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