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Deplorables came together to win the 2016 Election

Posted by Jenny Lea on November 9, 2016 at 9:30 AM

Donald Trump managed to receive a large chunk of votes from Democrats. Throughout the election Trump attacked his opponents, something that has occurred since the start of the political system in any country, but the media acted like he was the bully. Hillary Clinton on the other hand, not only attacked her opponent, but she also attacked the voters who favored her opponent. Don’t claim to represent all the people, and then turn around and attack some of those same people. She created the Deplorables and it came back to haunt her.

Before someone tosses in Trump attacked Muslims, Hispanics and whoever else, he verbally attacked people who are not eligible to vote in the USA. He disrespected illegal immigrants and refugees without background checks, not eligible USA voters and legal immigrants. When he said something negative about “women” he was referring to a specific woman, not all women across the USA. If a woman has the freedom and the right to insult a specific man, men have the same freedom and right to do the same. During Hillary’s campaign she tossed her woman card around, and simultaneously divided the nation by gender, but that is okay, she is a woman and she is a Democrat. Don’t preach equality and unification while drawing lines in the sand. 

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