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Hillary's Society

Posted by Jenny Lea on October 7, 2016 at 12:40 AM

In most cases if one protects the rights of the individuals, the rights of society as a whole will also end up protected. Plus, whose society is Hillary Clinton talking about when she says she wants to “start thinking about what is best for society”? The #media and the Loony Left will jump to say oh this offends this part of society and should be removed, with no care about the other parts of society who are offended by whatever subject’s removal. Unless society is full of nothing but mindless drones, there isn’t anything that would appease 100% of the masses, so ultimately, someone gets to suffer in order to appease someone else. One example is: It is easier for those offended to change the channel than it is for those who want it but can’t find the channel because someone felt they should have the power to take it away. Same goes with products, if one is offended by say a costume, don’t buy it and don’t wear it, but don’t stop everyone else from buying and wearing it. The Righteous Right have their own list of offensive subjects, but in MOST cases they merely turn the channel in disgust or they don’t buy the product and they usually don’t ask to have it banned. Since the Right do tend to think for themselves, more so than the left, they don’t always get along with each other, and when their elected official tries to ban or prohibit something they speak up and say “Hey! I didn’t elect you to reduce my Freedom, but to maintain and increase it.”


Numerous Right Wing stereotypes, fueled by the media and the Loopy Left, are not accurate concerning all or most Republicans. Log Cabin Republicans is a LGBT Republican group. There are Atheist Republicans, Pro Choice Republicans, Pagan Republicans, Black Republicans, Hispanic Republicans and so on. However, the media and the Democrats creating stereotypes, not only creates walls within society it also mentally manipulates people to choose a political party not due to knowledge of the party or any issues but because they are supposed to pick a party according to their stereotype. I am a woman, as per the Democrat Party I should instantly vote for Hillary Clinton, no questions asked about the issues. Similar to what occurred in 2012 when people were being told to vote for Barack Obama because of the color of his skin. Then, to top it off, the left will insult and degrade those who do not vote according to their Democrat stereotype or they will insult and degrade any stereotype that is considered to be Republican. When it comes to voting for any elected official, one should know the issues, the promises and the history of each candidate, not just because one is somehow supposed to vote for them because they fall into a certain stereotype.


When someone tells you society is more important than the individual, think about whether or not you will be an individual who is on the winning or losing end of what Hillary’s liberal society wants in America. Since you are just an individual, Hillary Clinton won’t care when you happen to be on the losing end of whatever issue she is pushing on American society.


Categories: Rants & Raves