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There is No Excuse to not need an ID to Vote

Posted by Jenny Lea on September 26, 2016 at 4:25 AM

There is no need to stop people from needing a valid ID to vote, other than to allow voter fraud to occur or to participate in such fraud. The left argues that the disabled or those in poverty cannot obtain a driver’s license, but there is a list of possible IDs. Texas offers 7 possible forms of photo ID and if one cannot afford a Texas ID at $16 they can make a request for it to be less and pay in installments. If one can give a good reason to not be able to acquire a valid photo ID, there are 7 non-photo ID options which includes a birth certificate, a paycheck stub, a government check stub or a current utility bill. No matter how easy a state has made it to acquire a valid ID for voting, the left has found more and more excuses including their worn out Race Card. Not because they care, not because they are promoting democracy, but to force their choices on others and promote tyranny in the form of voter fraud.

Categories: Rants & Raves