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Austin Shooting on Black Friday Morning

Posted by Jenny Lea on November 28, 2014 at 6:35 PM

Apparently the individual, Larry McQuilliams, who tried to shoot up the Mexican consulate in Austin, Texas, was anti-government and anti-immigration. Liberal news and blogs are already pushing that a crazy, gun toting, racist conservative went on a violent shooting spree in a highly populated area of Austin. Well, hate to burst one’s bubble but conservatives are not anti-government, they are anti-Big Government, there is a difference. However, many conservatives are anti-immigration. So, there is a possibility that a conservative has flipped his lid. So, what is the score? One possibly crazy conservative tries to destroy a Mexican consulate vs. ....Sandy…..Virginia Tech….the other school…..that crazy group in tents….the theater…and the theater in San Antonio that did not make the main stream media; because, a bunch of gun toters killed the shooter before he managed to kill anyone in the theater….OH forget it. One possibly crazy-ass conservative vs. a whole bunch of crazy ass liberals causing havoc in the U.S., and the winner to unneeded destruction and loss of life is……Liberals!!! (I know, a Liberal will complain about this is not a game…..well, get over it. I know it is not a game, and I know it is only a game when the Liberals are on the winning end and they are the ones keeping count.)

One thing I have noticed, there has been no report of him aiming his weapon at a single individual, and due to the holidays and it being at about 2 a.m. on Friday, November 28th the street was somewhat vacant and the courthouse and consulate were also vacant, something that he may have been hoping for. His goal seemed to include harming buildings, but not people. What he did was wrong, but not a true comparison to the lives lost at Sandy Hook, the Theater shooting, Virginia Tech and so on, where the shooter’s goal seemed to mainly include taking innocent lives.

Oh, and quick note. The Mexican government is upset about their consulate being attacked. Well, BOO-HOO!!! I am upset about how many Americans have been killed in Mexico for the last few years or more. So, Mexico needs to get over it and move on……..Yes, I know, running for politics is most likely not in my near future.

Jenny Lee

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