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OMG! School Lunches Suck!!!

Posted by Jenny Lea on September 10, 2014 at 10:15 PM

At what point in time did the school lunches not suck? Everyone makes it sound as if school lunches use to be prepared by gourmet chefs. Out of all the options I had to choose from during my time in school, the only lunches I ever remember eating at school were pizza and enchiladas. That was pretty much it. The burgers tasted like plastic, and the only dessert worth eating was the mixed fruit.

Since Michele Obama, a Democrat First Lady, is the current figure head for the change, a good number of Republicans naturally do not like the idea. However, the last time the Federal government felt it was necessary to stick their noses into school lunches was also the last time a Democrat was in office, about 15 years ago. Going back to the beginning it was started by a Democrat, Harry S. Truman. Don’t jump up and give Democrats a big giant star. School lunches already existed; Truman merely made it a federal issue at this point. However, it did not include free lunch that was started under Nixon, a Republican. Now, in 1966 another Democrat decided the federal government should have more involvement and added school breakfasts to the menu. Honestly, I do not remember ever eating breakfast at school, so either it was not actively in effect during my early years, voluntary or the federal government merely started a program and never really paid much attention to it. Either way during Bill Clinton’s reign a standardized lunch program was started, with added regulations and specification. Now, once again a Democrat feels it is necessary to interfere with the school lunches across the U.S.

For whatever reason the federal government seems to believe kids are fat, because of their school lunches. Ultimately, it is a factor, but not the actual cause, unless school lunches consisted of over 2,000 calories and over 50% fat as a whole meal. Do not nit pik and point out one piece of the meal as being over 50% fat even though all the side dishes, drink and dessert average it out below 50%. Kids are fat for the same reasons adults are fat. They eat more calories in a day then they manage to burn off.

When it comes to food, more and more adults do not know how to cook or do not have the time to cook every day. Some parents resort to fast food and chain restaurants. Some people resort to conveniently premixed and seasoned foods. Foods most adults do not take the time to pay attention to when it comes to what is included in those easy to add or fix products. They may quickly look at the carbohydrates, fats, salts and calories, but since it is easy they buy it. Most adults do not look at the artificial or unnaturally manipulated ingredients in foods, nor do they research the side effects of those ingredients.

No matter what foods people choose to eat burning the calories is an important step to being healthy and maintaining a healthy body weight. Kids use to walk/run to school, mow lawns, run around in the backyard, run around at the park and so on. Now a days, kids wake up in the morning, sit in a vehicle, sit in a desk, sit in front of a computer, a TV, a cell phone or some other electronic device. Pretty much the same thing many adults do all day. The thing is kids cannot go out and mow lawns; because, the government might look at it as child labor, and more people are living in homes without a lawn. Children cannot walk or bike around the neighborhood; because, too many violent and sex related criminals are allowed to walk the streets rather than serve their time in prison.

Ultimately the federal government and Michelle Obama give the appearance of caring and concern, but in reality it is all a show. If they really cared they would pay more attention to physical education classes. They would think about getting rid of some of the sit down desks and put in more stand up desks. They would allow teachers to punish students by making them run laps or by doing pushups. Physical education courses are constantly being reduced. Ultimately the government is trying to create thin and lanky kids with no real physical strength or endurance. Personally I would rather have the kids eat more calories and increase their physical education courses in order to build muscle, agility, physical endurance and have a higher chance of growing up with the ability to physically take care of themselves and if necessary defend themselves. Thin and lanky is not all bad, but it should be an individual choice or medical issue, not forced on people by public school regulations. Ultimately the school should be focusing on all the major basic subjects’ history, grammar, spelling, reading, writing, math and science, along with health and fitness. Health and fitness should be a priority in elementary where children have a higher chance of making them a habit in life to work out more and hopefully continue into adulthood. Especially since so many kids live in apartments without a yard or unsafe neighborhoods now a days.


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Categories: Fancifully Healthy, Rants & Raves

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