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Phil Robertson vs. the Gay Community

Posted by Jenny Lea on December 24, 2013 at 12:40 AM

I have been having a good number of debates about Phil Robertson and his anti-gay statements lately. Some of the debates have dealt with the Freedom of Speech, Christianity and anti-Gay issues.

When it comes to the Freedom  of Speech, A&E is a privately owned company. They have the right to pick and choose who they wish to promote. I like that they have the Freedom to make that choice. I would not want the government to step in and censor television more than they do already. However, A&E has found out how many fans Phil Robertson has, and on a business level, it is probably in their best interest to maintain his role on the show. On the other hand, after this whole fiasco, Phil Robertson and his crew have the freedom to switch channels, or they may find it in their best interest to move to another channel that will not be so judgmental when it comes to their Freedom of Speech. All the moving or sticking around is also effected by any contracts A&E and the Duck Commanders have with each other.

As for Christianity, it is a faith that has been around before any one of us was born. If anyone happens to be old enough to have witnessed the Bible being put together please contact me. I would love some tips concerning longevity. Anyway, back to the point; the Christian Bible is full of numerous rules and regulations. You have options: you can follow the Holy Bible completely or you can nit pick what you want to abide by. Keep in mind, the ultimate judgment will occur after death. There will most likely be no going back to fix all your wrong doings. You will either walk through the pearly gates of Heaven or find yourself in the pit of hell. However, while you are still on Earth and among the living, don't get upset when someone quotes the Bible (especially if you are Christian). They are quoting the same book you have Faith in and live your life by. If you are the one quoting the Bible to others, don't be a sinner of other sins yourself. It makes you look silly. Now some Christian based groups only follow certain parts of the Bible. Some follow the New Testament, the Old Testament or Both. Now don't forget, God did not come down with a pen and paper and write out the Bible on his own. He utilized  transcriptionists and since than many people usually in a level of power over others, edited it. We have never met these people and they are long dead so there is no real way to confirm if they truly knew what they were actually doing. If you are not Christian you should not care if someone calls you a sinner, since you don't believe in sinning. There are also numerous non-Christian traditions to choose from, and some of them do not have any rules about homosexuality. For example, most Polytheistic Traditions have no rules against homosexuality. If you believe in a Higher Power, you may want to look into the numerous Polytheistic Traditions across the world. If you are an Atheist, than don't complain. None of this matters. You don't believe in sinning, let alone a Higher Power to worry about.

Now his anti-gay comments in general can be found as an insult to the gay community. However, what community across the world is not insulted by others? Whenever any group of people feel insulted they get all uppity about it as if they are the only group on the planet being insulted. In some cases, these same people that are getting uppity do not seem to have a problem insulting other groups of people. I have talked to people who have insulted Christian folks, White folks, Old folks, Straight folks and other folks while they defend the gay community. Wouldn’t that make it an oxymoron?

At the end of the day, I believe in the Freedom of Speech. Therefor, I am willing to put up with people who say things I may find insulting. In some cases I have been able to choose who my friends are by listening to what they have to say. If everyone walked around with a big smile on their face and never said what they truly felt, how would I know how to pick my friends? If you don't approve of Phil Robertson, then do not be his friend, do not watch his show, do not buy his products and live your own life. If you dwell on every single thing that every single person has to say you will never live your own life. Odds are you will always be angry, depressed or on some kind of pharmaceutical drug.

Jenny Lee
Jenny’s Rants and Raves

Editted By: Tabi

Categories: Rants & Raves, Doc's Discussions

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