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What is up with the FDA?

Posted by Jenny Lea on September 15, 2013 at 3:50 PM

The FDA tells Americans they are here to protect us and many Americans say the FDA does protect us. However, if that truly were the case, why is it the FDA spends more time approving artificial ingredients and ignores so many natural ingredients? They pretty much tell Americans to eat 100% natural products and supplements at your own risk; because, so many of them are not FDA approved. Who should we trust more, Mother Nature or the artificial ingredients? I understand consumers are not just trusting what Mother Nature supplied us, but also the manufacturers who put it all together. However, as a tax payer, if the FDA actually cared about the opinions of those who pay their salary, they would pay more attention to natural products and less about artificial products. The FDA approving more natural products would also increase the need for farmers and reduce the need for pharmaceutical companies. I would rather help a farmer and those who help process and manufacturer his/her crops by buying a product made from sugar cane or stevia than a manufacturing plant who put together aspartame.

The FDA ignoring natural products is part of what fuels many of the conspiracy theories out there. Some theories include the FDA allowing cancer causing artificial ingredients in the food supply to help reduce the number of Senior Citizens from cashing in their Social Security Checks and thinning out the herd by preventing over population. Some believe it causes the increase in Alzheimer's in order to prevent the elderly from influencing the younger generation and reminding the public about the truths of the past.  Others believe it is to try and experiment on the population in order to prevent people from depending on farmers and ranchers and instead rely on pharmaceutical companies, new technology and chemistry labs to process the food. Similar to some of the Sci-fi and futuristic movies that shows the population using food replicators or eating a few nifty pills and their food intake for the day is all done.

Cancer Defeated Publications - Digestive Enzyme Therapy

Would you put it past the Federal Government to allow a human being to suffer with cancer in order to save money on social security? Or possibly to cause the increase in a number of illnesses and diseases many children are born with in order to create a fully artificial food supply one day? Nah, the U.S. Government would never think of experimenting on humans. OH wait a second, but they have, historically. People just assume all of that was a thing of the past.

No matter the real reasons of artificial ingredients being allowed in the food supply, it is getting harder and harder to find products that are truly all natural. It is getting to a point that many people are looking at growing their own vegetables and raising their own cattle. Something that the government, especially at city levels, makes it more and more difficult to achieve. Most cities won’t allow their residents to raise any kind of farm animals. Some cities, apartment complexes and housing developments prevent people from maintaining their own garden. One thing the government is good at is pushing Mother Nature further and further away from human beings.

Jenny Lee
Madam Jenny
Facebook: Fancifully Healthy

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