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The FDA Protects Americans.........

Posted by Jenny Lea on May 5, 2013 at 6:45 PM

Why would the FDA (Food and Drug Association) ever dream of allowing artificial anything in the food supply?

Why would society ever accept it?

As for the FDA they are looked at as the guru to making sure everything the public eats is safe, but then again they are also controlled by the government. The same government who historically has experimented on their own soldiers, their citizens and so on. Most likely by complete accident of course. The government would never purposely add unsafe chemicals to anything their own people would consume…….Lets see if any side effects of FDA approved chemicals would benefit the government in any way.

Aspartame (Ex: Equal) & Sucralose (Ex: Splenda) —They are slowly slithering their way into most foods now a days. Aspartame started as a diet supplement found in diet sodas and such. Now you can find it in non-diet items. I have found both Aspartame and Sucralose listed in toothpaste, mouthwash, breakfast cereals, biscuits, energy drinks, gum, deli meats, salad dressings, energy bars, baby foods, kids luncheons, breakfast bars, and the list goes on. I have not found it in microwave meals as often, maybe manufacturers are heeding the warning that heating up aspartame causes it to break up and form other dangerous chemicals. The reason why most of the products listed do not say “sugar free” on the front of the product is because there still is sugar in the product. Aspartame and Sucralose are used to help further sweeten the product. No worries, the FDA has approved them, they must be safe……right? Well, lets see, what benefit would the side effects of aspartame and sucralose have for the Federal Government.

Side effects include, but are not limited to:
Headaches: When one has a headache or possibly a migraine, they tend to not think straight, have less energy to go out and petition, go on strike, riot, etc.
Weight Gain: Makes people lazy, less energetic and would prefer to sign a petition online without the trouble of physically going out to petition in large groups.
Fatigue: Well once again, something that keeps people docile and non-combative.
Muscle Aches: Another symptom that may cause people to stay at home more, exercise less.
Depression: Once again a symptom that would cause people to be more prone to stay at home, not do much, keep to themselves.

The government would never think of finding ways to make their citizens docile or non-combative. That would be immoral, and governments never do anything immoral to their own people. But take a look at some of the different groups of people around you. Not including age differences, who is more prone to get up off their butts and lead or majorly participate in a petition, a strike, a march, etc. for what they believe in or want? When I see groups of people up and about when it comes to their beliefs, wants, demands, etc. it is usually people who either purposely stay away from chemical laced foods or they happen to stay away from chemicals because they are one of the few people who cook their meals from scratch. Whenever I look up FDA and testing of aspartame/sucralose they bring up cancer, but what else did the test mice do on aspartame. Did they eat more, did they become more docile, did they fight with each other less often? Who knows, they were given a large dose of aspartame, and ended up with brain cancer and holes in their brain, and then the doctors and the FDA said that only happens if you consume a large quantity each day. REALLY! That is also known as an overdose. Hate to break to everyone but most foods, drugs, alcohol, etc. cause medical issues if consumed in large quantities each day. What I would have wanted to know, is what are the long term effects, what happens to mice after say, one year of digesting normal doses of aspartame on a daily basis. Do the mice become lazy, docile, gain weight, etc. If they already know the answers to those questions, then odds are the mice put on weight and became lazy. Since they instantly promoted aspartame as a diet supplement, it would have helped them to show highly active mice losing weight, but they didn’t. Talk about taking advantage of some desperate people who wish to lose weight or maintain their weight, and trick them into taking a chemical that will make them docile, depressed and eat more, but it is calorie free so who cares. However, there is a chance the FDA had no clue and they were hoping for healthy docile citizens and ended up with an increase of unhealthy docile citizens.

They are also addictive, which is great for companies. Companies love to find anything addictive, it means long term customers. Some people start their addiction as toddlers. Parents who eat or drink foods with aspartame and sucralose will introduce their children to the same foods. What happens after 20, 30, 40 years or more of aspartame and sucralose consumption? How about babies being born on aspartame and sucralose what effects is it having on the fetus? Could it possibly explain the high number of children that are bipolar, ADHD, Autism, etc. Many people think side effects occur within a few days or months of consuming anything. However, some side effects may take years or decades to find. Making many people guinea pigs for the FDA approved chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs. Look at the history of M&M’s. They were originally sold back in 1941, with red as one of the colors. In 1976 the red M&M was removed due to health issues with the red dye #2. The dye had been approved in 1906 and it took 70 years to consider it unsafe for consumption. Part of the reason was that it was found in almost every single food and drink that needed the red dye added for color, allowing people to consume large quantities of it. Just as aspartame and sucralose is now found in a numerous number of products today.

However, knowing that Mother Nature has supplied all humans and animals the proper foods to consume, why would anyone eat something that is full of artificial chemicals? One reason may be the products promise to help people lose weight. Something that most people try to work on and in some cases start every year with that goal. Many people race to the stores and pharmacies for drugs and foods that promise easy ways to lose weight, never taking the time to check the safety and level of testing on the product. Losing weight is more important than safety for some people. Artificial chemicals also make foods stay fresher longer and people don’t like to go grocery shopping ever few days or every week if they do not have to. Convenience is more important to many people than safety. Artificial chemicals also make many foods look better, and many people will give up their safety over bright colored foods. Some people think there is nothing they can do about it. But there is, stop buying the products. Consumers have the power to make or break a company by simply not buying their products. Companies that sell chemical laced foods will rethink natural ingredients when their sales start to go down. Also, keep an eye on the FDA and make sure they continue to require companies to list what ingredients are in their foods. Currently some companies are trying to sell flavored milks without having to list aspartame as an ingredient. Their excuse is children will not drink milk that is marketed as diet or lite. Maybe it is because children have not acquired the taste for aspartame yet. Thus far the FDA has not approved their request.

Blessed Be
Jenny Lee


Categories: Fancifully Healthy

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