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Free Birth Control was the Gateway to High Priced HIV Prevention Pharma Drugs

Posted by Jenny Lea on June 30, 2018 at 2:20 PM Comments comments ()

From 2008 to 2011, Democrat Politicians claimed women have been wanting insurance companies to pay for birth control pills for decades. BULL$%IT! Since at least the late 1970’s women have asked, petitioned and protested for insurance companies to be required to cover partial hysterectomies, not just full hysterectomies. Birth control pills can cause mood swings, decreased libido, weight gain, spotting and many other side effects. For some women, birth control pills do not work, and pregnancy can still occur. If Democrat politicians truly listened to women, they would have fought for partial hysterectomies. Fighting for birth control pills was not for the women’s vote, but for the younger generation vote. A generation that has grown up and has become dependent on the idea that a pill can fix everything. If anything, Democrat politicians could have at least fought for both partial hysterectomies and birth control pills. Some insurance companies do cover partial hysterectomies, but not many. However, if women still needed to pay for their own birth control pills, they may not have been able to afford that pricey drug that prevents HIV.

Chuck Schumer Attacks Texas

Posted by Jenny Lea on September 13, 2017 at 1:05 AM Comments comments ()

Chuck Schumer said in an interview that Texas did not help with Hurricane Sandy and he hopes Texas learned its lesson. Texas tried to help after Hurricane Sandy, but when they arrived in New Jersey and New York, many of them were told they had to join their Union or they couldn’t help, so they said no thanks and went home. Other groups managed to start helping without joining any Union and while they tried to repair utilities and move rubble they were shot at, some of them lost all their equipment to looters. They came back to Texas complaining that the people were rude, mean, looting. I didn’t hear a single nice anything said about New York and New Jersey. No matter how much or how little they managed to help, every Texan was glad to be back in Texas after Sandy. As for the hope we will learn, Texas has taken care of itself for a good while, there isn’t much to learn other than reinforce our infrastructure. I thank those who went to South Texas to help repair the power after Hurricane Dolly. I saw Electric and Fire trucks from Louisiana, Oklahoma, Florida but I didn’t see any trucks that said New York or New Jersey. Yankees like Schumer wonder why there is still a line that divides the North and the South, it is that kind of holier than though Yankee attitude, that is why. Schumer can stuff his ‘New Yawhk’ opinions where the sun doesn’t shine!

Only Cheaters Use Big Words

Posted by Jenny Lea on August 31, 2017 at 1:25 AM Comments comments ()

Apparently, when you happen to know the name of a beautiful bush, you are accused of cheating at ‘Words with Friends’.

My letters consisted of D-D-E-L-I-B-U and all I see is smaller words. I hate smaller words. You cannot always help having to use smaller words, but if you want the points you must blob them up against another word, unless it consists of high point letters that can be placed on a triple word or triple letter tile. So, I look, thinking ok, I have DELI, LIED, BLUE, BUD and other small words. There wasn’t much on the board, since my opponent had been tossing in one small word after another and created a large blob of letters. So, I thought, oh the hell with it. Let me click on the “word radar” button and see what empty spaces have a chance to be filled, and Eureka! I have a chance to use all seven letters! A word that ends in the letter “A”. I didn’t see it, so I start clicking the little arrow button that makes all the tiles bounce around. I take a look and start sounding out “budi..”, bounce the tiles, “buda..”, bounce the tiles and “budle…” hhmm, “buddlea!”. I toss in the B-U-D-D-L-E-A and ‘Words with Friends’ indicates it is not a word. I am thinking, “what the hell! Buddlea is a word. It is a bush, with flowers and it is in our backyard and….I start thinking about it and maybe I misspelled it and that is why I have this infamous “I” left in my tile tray. So, I toss my remaining ‘I’ between L and the D and nope, between L and E and nope, and then I fling it between E and A and viola, BUDDLEIA, is a word. I click “PLAY” and I am happy. I utilized all 7 tiles and remembered the name of that bush in the backyard.

Side note: When it comes to plants on the property, I want to make sure none of them are poisonous to the dogs. In some cases, I have to research the plant, toss some pictures of it at friends that may be able to identify it and so on. In this case, I asked the man who mows the lawn and he told me it is a Butterfly Bush. When I looked up Butterfly Bush, I found out it was officially called “Buddleia” and it is safe for dogs to eat. I remembered the name of it because it made me think of Buganvilia bushes or to be more appropriate, Bougainvillea bushes. They have beautiful flowers and big evil thorns that look nothing like the Buddleia bush’s flowers and minus the thorns. But they both start with B and are odd sounding flowering bushes. So, I remembered.

Either way, my opponent claims I am cheating; because, I know the word BUDDLEIA! She starts rattling on about being some kind of SCRABBLE pro that has attended SCRABBLE tournaments and knows a cheater when she sees one. The whole time I am, one upset about being called a cheater and two wondering how a person who seems to know nothing but 3 to 4 letter words ever attended a SCRABBLE tournament. She rambled on for a while and then blocked me. It made me wonder if the time I used the word “ELOQUENT” a few weeks earlier made my opponent wonder if I was cheating. I didn’t think about it for too long. I mean, I am not going to give up big words; because, people think cheaters use big words.

There are a number of reasons why I know a good number of words. I pay attention. I know cyan because when I buy ink cartridges for my printer, they are not blue, they are cyan. A shade of blue or greenish-blue. I also read a lot, and not just fiction, but reference, news, blogs, etc. When I create memes or write blogs, I make sure to research the subject. Sometimes I find out it is all hype and everything is tossed to the side. Other times it is worth creating a comic, a meme or write out a whole blog about it. Some of that research includes reading legal jargon and in many cases I am stuck reaching for a dictionary or going to a dictionary website to figure out what each of the words mean. Some words manage to stick around in my brain and some don’t. However, common letter grouping always sticks around, such as ou, gh, ei, ie, ea, ley and so on. Since “Words with Friends” is a digital version of SCRABBLE, it makes it easier to discover new words, rather than knowing the words from the start. If one has some of the common letter groupings and available spaces to place them, one can move them around until the game indicates the word is valid. When I discover a new word, or my opponent plays a word I don’t recognize, I always click dictionary to learn something new. When I am listening to the news, movies, series, anything I listen. When I hear an uncommon word, I tend to spell it out in my head or if I don’t recognize the word, I look it up. The first time I ever heard the word, disconcerting, was in the SyFy series, “Eureka”. Allison Blake asked Jack Carter if he had a certain item and Jack’s house answered Allison. Her response to the house talking was something like, “That is disconcerting”. I couldn’t quite figure out what it meant in conversation. I thought, weird, bad, uncommon. I looked it up and it turned out it meant, unsettling. I have remembered it ever since. I first heard of the word “infamous” on “The Three Amigos!” movie. Lucky, Ned and Dusty received a telegram pleading with them to go to “Santo Poco” to stop the “Infamous, El Guapo!”. The movie defined the word “infamous” to mean overly famous; however, after looking it up in a dictionary it meant someone who was well known for being a bad and evil person.

If I want to thank someone for my want to look up the meaning of words or do my own research, it would be my parents. When I was a kid, I could be watching TV, reading a book and find a word I was not familiar with. I would go to ask Mom or Dad and they would tell me, “you know how to use a dictionary, go look it up.” When I was a kid, I was thinking my parents were being a couple of assholes, but as time went on, I realized they were teaching me to find out for myself rather than depend on others to give me all the answers.

Just because someone knows a lot of words doesn’t mean they spend their day utilizing them. While hanging out with family and friends there is no reason to toss in any high dollar words at each other. A person’s level of vocabulary also fluctuates with the average vocabulary of their audience. There are times when the level of vocabulary is unexpected. I have talked to a group of teenagers at one vocabulary level and then had to dumb it down a bit when talking to a group of adults. Situations such as that can be a bit disconcerting, but on the bright side, it indicates the younger generation is brighter than an older generation. Older or younger, people should always try to learn more than they know now. Don’t be afraid to look stuff up. Most people know more words than they think they do. In some cases, they know the word, but they don’t know what it means. When it comes to word games, knowing the definition is not a necessity, but one should still look it up.

The Transgender Military Expenditure Issue

Posted by Jenny Lea on July 28, 2017 at 11:10 PM Comments comments ()

A penny saved is a penny earned. Unless you are talking about Government spending.

When it comes to individuals saving money, every penny counts. It adds up. There are even tricks like save a penny today, two pennies tomorrow, four pennies the next day and next thing you know, you have a jar full of cash.

However, when it comes to government spending suddenly $8 million for gender reassignment surgery for military personnel is just $8 million. Or the media and politicians come up with ways to make $8 million seem like nothing much. It is ONLY 0.04% of the money being spent on the military, if the money doesn’t go there it will go somewhere else or by bringing up other expenditures that can be considered wasteful.

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As for the percentage being ONLY a small part of the spending. Who cares? Money is money, whether it is tax payer money, Mommy & Daddy’s money, or earned payroll money. I don’t care if it is 40% or 0.0001% of a total amount of money, it is money and should not be belittled because it is ONLY a small percentage of the whole amount.

When it comes to money being spent elsewhere, that is fine if it is going toward something approved by a large percentage of tax payers or it truly is a necessity. When it comes to the military I would rather have an extra $8 million go towards purchasing better body armor for the soldiers, than having it go toward sex change operations.

Finally, the whole, compare it to other spending issues. Two wrongs, don’t make it right. Don’t waste time comparing one wasteful spending issue with another, try to eliminate both spending issues. Go online, find the proper petitions, make your voice heard and get enough people within the proper area to sign said petition and work to get rid of the spending issue you have a problem with, but don’t use it as a defense to allow some other spending issue that others feel is wasteful to continue.

When it comes to individuals saving money, money should not be taken for granted. The money is ONLY money, mentality is a reason the U.S. economy is swirling around at the bottom of the toilet bowl, the U.S. Government keeps spending increasingly more money, and it is the mentality that helps to keep the poor, poor. Just because the government is the one spending the money doesn't mean the money doesn't add up. I don't care if the government can save $100,000 here, $10,000 there, or $4 million over there, if they can save it they need to save it. If it can go to an issue that has more American tax payer approval, move it to a more approved issue. If the Government can find ways to spend less, then hopefully the tax payers will eventually have to give less.

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Kids Crossdressing

Posted by Jenny Lea on May 1, 2017 at 11:20 PM Comments comments ()

The part that gets me about kids crossdressing isn’t the fact that a little boy wants to wear a dress or a little girl wants to…not wear a dress, it is the fact that it is an issue. It should not be an issue. I can understand it being an issue for teenagers but not pre-teens. When I was a kid, I didn’t care what the hell I wore to school, and that is because my Mom loved to dress me up in Easter Dresses and shiny black shoes. I don’t know why they are called Easter dresses, I wore them from about August to May every freaking year. I would roll my eyes when Mom made me wear the fancy dress, but it wasn’t because I cared about the dress, I wanted to be able to run around the playground, play on the swings. The dress didn’t stop me. I still ran all over the playground playing freeze tag, dodge ball, climbed all over the jungle gym and up and down the slide. I remember the slide was metal…so, I didn’t always play on the slide if the sun was glaring on it, and it had nothing to do with the dress, it was the fact that I appreciated my top layer of skin, and those shiny black shoes had like no tread what so ever to help with getting away from the hot metal. As one would guess, I went through a lot of fancy dresses. I don’t know how many times I came home from school with a torn up petticoat and scratched up knees. As soon as Mom saw it she would always start with: “JENNIFER! Money does not grow on trees!” and end with “go to your room!”. I honestly don’t remember what she said in between, as soon as she brought up money growing on trees, my brain veered into imagining a huge tree with money for leaves and as you climbed up the tree silver and gold coins would start falling out of it. So, yeah, she may have had some majorly helpful money information in there, but I don’t remember it, sorry Mom. Other than joking about the whole thing, I don’t have any mental scars because I had to wear a dress. I was a kid, and getting what I wanted was not always going to happen.


Fashion was not on my give a crap list when I was a kid. I don’t think I started paying attention to name brands until whatever point in Junior High and into High School. Even then I have never been a big fan of what is cool or not cool in the fashion industry. I made my life easier by going with jeans and a t-shirt. My Mom did try to get me to wear some dressier alfits and nope, was not going to do that. Not so much the whole wanting to be comfortable while sitting in a desk for one hour after another, but fashion in Junior High and High School is not really fashion. It is more like, who can go to school wearing the most expensive name brands and who can do the best job at wearing the same thing some actor or actress is wearing on some show or movie or copy what the mannequin at the store is wearing. Most of the kids have no clue how to mix and match their clothes. They just know how to be a bunch of fashion copycats, while walking around acting like a bunch of fashionistas. I wasn’t going to tell my parents they should spend more money on clothes so I could be a copycat like the rest of them and so, I found jeans and a t-shirt to be a somewhat neutral and low priced fashion choice. There were kids that bugged me, but I just told them to go to hell, move on or whatever colorful teenage reply seemed to work. They would leave me alone after I was willing to push back and in many cases we became good friends even though I had on jeans and a t-shirt and they copied ‘Emmy’ or ‘Frances Houseman’.


The whole toddlers and pre-teens crossdressing or not crossdressing isn’t about transgender or any gender issue. It is about a kid doing what they want, without an adult telling them otherwise. It is great that kids can get what they want, but how does that teach them life? How does it prevent them from becoming a spoiled brat? Plus, one has to keep a child’s way of thinking in mind. Is the child truly wanting to cross-dress, or is the child merely looking at it more as having fun wearing a costume? Give kids a chance to grow up, and at the very least let them reach the age of puberty before taking their sexual preferences in life seriously.

Ultimately, this whole crossdressing issue is a media distraction. Whether the distraction helps to hide whatever is going on in D.C. or to hide what current and past politicians are up to, it is a distraction. There may be a school with enough cross dressing kids to have an issue, but in most cases schools have less than 1% or none of their students wanting to cross dress. However, the media and the DNC Party insist on making a non-issue an issue. The list of possible non-issues is never ending. When the whole cross dressing fad fades away, there will be something else to complain about. Hell, in 2007 the liberal media spent half the year analyzing the word ‘nappy’. In 2008, the liberal media spent half the year analyzing the use of a noose in an advertisement. There is always something, that doesn’t need to be as big as it becomes, but the liberal media will be more than happy to blow it out of proportion and make it bigger than it ever needed to be.

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How, Not to Make Money Online

Posted by Jenny Lea on April 22, 2017 at 5:45 AM Comments comments ()

There are numerous ways to make money online; however, faking a son’s death is not one of those ways. A woman from Reno, Nevada started up a GoFund me account, claiming it was for her son’s funeral who had recently died from leukemia.

This story is also a reminder that the world is not full of honest people. It is best to do your research before forking over any money. As for the idea of making money, the mother has been arrested, will be dealing with going to court, may serve some jail time and her children were handed over to child protective services. The risk is not worth it.

You can read the article from the Reno Gazette at:

Working Online is not an Easy Task

Posted by Jenny Lea on April 19, 2017 at 4:25 AM Comments comments ()

Working online is not an easy task. Let me be more specific. Working as an affiliate or outside sales representative is not an easy task. Especially if one doesn’t have much funding for advertising nor wishes to spam everyone. There are numerous sites that make it sound, oh so easy and quick to start bringing in one sale after another, but it doesn’t entirely work that way. If one has plenty of money to spare they can start up quickly. However, advertising is not cheap and many companies have restrictions on where they allow their advertising to be placed. Many companies will not honor sales that originated from social sites or were listed on any site they consider to be of an adult nature. It is understandable that companies have restrictions, but none the less, it does not make one’s job any easier.

When it comes to advertising, it isn’t cheap, especially if one is hoping for thousands of clicks to their site and some of those clicks bringing in sales. Ultimately, advertising is a gamble. However, it is a gamble that allows for more than just luck. One can do their research about each product or company and find the best locations with the most potential customers. There are free advertising sites, but in most cases they are full of other affiliates hoping to bring in potential customers. Potential customers are not likely to be visiting free advertising sites. The best thing to publish at free advertising sites is offers to join affiliate programs.

Most social sites will offer banner space at a low price compared to high traffic websites. The problem in this area is many companies will not allow affiliates to post their company links at social sites or at least in some cases specific social sites, and shortening links does not prevent companies from seeing the source of the click. Starting one’s own website will help to eliminate social sites as a source. There are plenty of free sites, such as and, to go to in order to set up one’s own website. Once one has a website the goal is to give people a reason to visit the site. The site can be used to write blogs, to supply information on a certain subject or multiple subjects, a store front to sell hobby items, supply news links and so on. The number of possible ideas are unlimited, but one needs to make sure they have interest in their own site.

Working online as an affiliate can be rewarding. One can choose their own hours, be their own boss and have no limits on the total commissions earned. However, it takes hard work and some creative thinking.

DNC is trying to Scare Pregnant Women into being DNC Pawns

Posted by Jenny Lea on January 31, 2017 at 5:50 AM Comments comments ()

Here is a new one, the DNC is now sending out emails and scaring pregnant women. They bring up a family, no names, no date, no specific insurance company and claim the insurance company was not going to pay their medical bills because a premature baby is considered a “pre-existing condition”. So, I searched insurance company policies dated before October 31, 2007, over a year before the Affordable Care Act went into effect. Did not find any insurance company who would not cover a premature baby. Now there were a few families who did not recieve coverage for the newborn baby at the time of birth, but it had nothing to do with the condition of their newborn. It was because the parents did not follow their policies instructions and inform the insurance company of their newborn baby within 30 days of the baby’s birth. Then, at that point, if the baby was born healthy the infant was added to the insurance, but the parents were responsible for any medical fees that occurred before the baby was insured.  If the baby was born with a medical condition they were dealing with a higher or no coverage for the pre-existing condition. The initial loss of insurance was due to the parents not doing their part within 30 days.


Thus far, Trump and the GOP have not threatened to eliminate the requirement for insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions. If anything they have repeatedly reassured the people by at least saying they believe people should not be rejected by insurance companies for pre-existing conditions. Trump and GOP are looking at tearing down the Affordable Care Act, but they don’t plan to eliminate every single portion of it. Specific regulations may have to go through Congress again, but only time will tell.


However, the DNC should not be scaring pregnant women across the US with their farfetched predictions. If you are worried about the DNC predictions, call or email your current health insurance provider. Ask them if by some slim chance the GOP allowed insurance companies to deny insurance for pre-existing issues would it include a pre-mature birth and/or any birth defects. If you call them on the phone, make sure to write down the operator’s name and request their response to be sent to you on paper for your own records. Just because a political party said it, doesn’t mean one should jump out of their seat and instantly believe it.


No one should say how much is too much Money

Posted by Jenny Lea on January 6, 2017 at 9:30 AM Comments comments ()


Whether people want to admit it or not, money is a huge incentive. Companies would not find willing people to not only oversee a huge company, but they would not want to take the legal risks of doing so, for a small income. At the end of the day who truly has the right to say how much is too much? I have the chance to earn as much money as I can achieve, should the government give me limits and only allow me to earn so much per year? If so, there is no need for me to put my full effort into my work. I might as well only put in as much as I need to reach my income limit. People need to stop being jealous of others and start paying more attention to their own efforts.



"Fake News" at Social Sites

Posted by Jenny Lea on November 29, 2016 at 7:00 AM Comments comments ()

Hillary Clinton loses the election and one of the many things to blame is social sites having “false news”. I don’t go to Facebook or Google+ to read the news, I go there to see what my friends and acquaintances are talking about. In a sense, social sites are the new coffee shops and breakfast nooks where the same people sit each day and talk about what is going on in the news, in town or whatever floats their boats. The difference is everyone is either chatting with their computers, cell phones or other online devices instead of spending hours sitting at a booth at Denny’s.


They also have the ability to talk to people all over the world. When the 2014 Winter Olympics took place in Russia I had the chance to chat with people at social sites who lived in and around Sochi. People who were able to enjoy full internet access for over 24 hours straight for a change and enjoyed having the ability to surf the net with less of the usual government censoring. During the coup in Egypt I chatted with people who managed to leave the area before all the violence erupted and others who watched it from their balcony.


I am able to be online friends with people from who knows how many different countries, and numerous social sites to choose from with numerous set ups. Like big picture books, hang out at Pinterest. Like to read headlines, head on over to Twitter. Like to converse, see pictures, videos all in one local, go to Facebook or Google+ and many other options.


However, there are two main groups who dislike this huge method of worldwide communication, the Mainstream Media and Big Government. When it comes to the Mainstream Media: lying, fidgeting the truth around a bit, leaving out little tidbits of info, over dramatizing and totally making crap up is not as easy an option. For decades, the media has been able to fidget the national news. Who would complain and even if someone did complain who would they tell? Now a days, people can watch the news and when it is a pile of lies they can log into their favorite social site and let everyone know what really happened and everyone who sees it can share it until everyone else knows about it. The mainstream media doesn’t like others fact checking their work. When it comes to Big Government, controlling the people with lies and propaganda is not easy when they are all talking to each other and finding out what’s, what.


So, without winning an election, the Democrats have managed to make private companies rethink their social sites and talk about “fake news” and whether it should be banned. What makes up fake news? Will satire sites end up blocked? How about blogs, will their opinions end up blocked from social sites? Talk about making a social site boring. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and every other social site has the freedom to make restrictions, but at some point in time their participants will take advantage of their freedom to choose and hang out at other social sites. Without participants all those private owned social sites won’t make near as much money as they are making now. However, social sites who maintain freedom of speech within their company guidelines may see an increase in their participants.


Liberals think an ID to Vote is Racist, but have no Problem deciding who should have the Right to Vote

Posted by Jenny Lea on November 20, 2016 at 9:10 PM Comments comments ()

I had such a disturbing conversation with someone the other evening. I am a Ph.D. student at a major University in Texas. I was on campus on the evening of November 9th. This was the same day that they announced Trump as our upcoming President-Elect earlier that morning. I had to go to a student organization meeting I am a part of. I ran into a few people I know in the hall. I stopped to talk to them a little bit and they immediately began talking about the election…go figure! The election results had shocked the nation a bit, so naturally people will talk about it! The conversation that follows was very disturbing and utterly shocking. (I wish to express a large and important disclaimer! I would have been just as shocked if someone had said this about the Trump party if Hillary had won!)

Me: Hey, how has your night been?

Friend: Good…really bummed about the election though!

Me: I am on the fence about this. I am going to try to stay as optimistic as I can regardless of who is president.

Friend: Yea, that is probably the best way to look at it.

[Small Pause]

Friend: Did you hear? So-and-so decided to run an analysis of the demographic data that has been recorded so far. If you were to have taken all of the voters to have voted in the 18-25 demographic, Hillary would have won with the electoral college by over 500 votes.

Me: Wow, no, I did not hear that statistic.

Friend: Yea! Crazy right! I mean, we are the voice of the future; we are the ones that should have a louder voice than everyone else right now. Our voice, our vote, it should count more towards an election. We are living in and with all of the problems that this country has more so than any other demographic and we will be here longer…so our voice, our vote, or ideas should be heard a bit louder than everyone else’s. Right?

Me: [Silence]…..*thinking to myself: thank god I am leaning against a wall…I might have just fallen over…how do I respond to this…what do I say that won’t make me sound mean? This poor creature…this poor poor thing…bless their heart?”

Friend: Right?

Me: Yea, I guess I, yea, I mean, yea…*no idea how to respond in a nice way…*

Friend: I know; this election has torn me to shreds.

The other person that was with my “friend” had been nodding their head in agreement the entire time this conversation was taking place.

After I got over the initial shock, I had to depart to get to my meeting (thankfully!). I said my quick goodbyes and walked down the hall to my meeting in a bit of a daze. I am still in shock that this conversation took place. I am in shock that this is the ideologies, the thought processes, the notions, the “lightbulb” moments that are taking place in the “18-25 demographic”. HOW is this possible? I am not too far away from their age group…but I surely realize how completely asinine and foolish this individual sounded! I know this person has no idea what they just said!

I can hope that this person will look back at this specific conversation when they are no longer in their 18-25 demographic bracket and realize how unbelievably ignorant and naïve they sounded and acted! They definitely acted their age! This says a lot about the protests that are currently happening on Universities and colleges around the country with this election. They are happening on the campus I am trying to get my Ph.D. from. They are happening because of the 18-25 demographic! It is scary!! AND! This has nothing to do with Hillary supporters! The Trump supporters are in the same category! They are spitting out hate speech, telling LEGAL immigrants to go home…seriously?! The entire demographic needs a big bite of what is known as R-E-A-L-I-T-Y! Once they get it, they need to look back at their insignificant life they were leading before that bite came along. Maybe then they will realize they were acting ignorant!

I want to stress something very important. I am not saying the 18-25 demographic in its entirety has the same ideologies as these people do. No! I am saying that a very large, outspoken, and destructive portion of this demographic has these beliefs. That in itself is where the fear sets in. That fear has been boiling under the surface within the older demographics for some time now. That fear is finally coming through because that large portion of the 18-25 demographic is acting on what we have feared…acting more violently, more naively, more ignorantly, and more frequently.

This election has proven one thing…whether you are a Trump fan or a Hillary fan. There is no “right” president. There is not a “perfect” president. Let us be honest here…a lot of people voted for Hillary or for Trump because, in their minds, they were voting for the “lesser of two evils”…whichever way the cookie crumbled for them. However, the one thing that we must all agree on in order to come out of this election much stronger is…

…We must agree that we can evolve. We can adapt. We can accept. From this day forward for at least the next 4 years, regardless of if we voted for Trump or Clinton…Trump is going to be our new President of the United States of America. There is nothing we can do to change that! A lot of people did not want the Obama administration to take on a second term! A lot of people were furious when he managed to capture the spot for another 4 years. BUT, we accepted that…we had to. We must do that this time around…we must unite or we will rip our country apart. That is unacceptable!

Written By: T. Anon


Cry Baby Society

Posted by Jenny Lea on November 10, 2016 at 11:00 AM Comments comments ()

Not even 24 hours after the election and protests have not only started, but many of them quickly turned into riots. Guess those rioting don’t remember 2008 and 2012. They may have won then, but others lost the election and attacking fellow Americans was not the result. Who knows, maybe the Democrat Party was not happy with a non-violent result and why they pushed so hard to create racial barriers as often as possible. With every occurrence of a white individual causing the death of a black individual the Democrat Administration went out of their way to make a city, state or county incident a federal affair. Instigating protests and violence among Americans before any of the facts were brought to light. The current social division is not a result of an individual who just won an election a few days ago, but 8 years of big government instigating division, violence and hatred within society. 


Deplorables came together to win the 2016 Election

Posted by Jenny Lea on November 9, 2016 at 9:30 AM Comments comments ()

Donald Trump managed to receive a large chunk of votes from Democrats. Throughout the election Trump attacked his opponents, something that has occurred since the start of the political system in any country, but the media acted like he was the bully. Hillary Clinton on the other hand, not only attacked her opponent, but she also attacked the voters who favored her opponent. Don’t claim to represent all the people, and then turn around and attack some of those same people. She created the Deplorables and it came back to haunt her.

Before someone tosses in Trump attacked Muslims, Hispanics and whoever else, he verbally attacked people who are not eligible to vote in the USA. He disrespected illegal immigrants and refugees without background checks, not eligible USA voters and legal immigrants. When he said something negative about “women” he was referring to a specific woman, not all women across the USA. If a woman has the freedom and the right to insult a specific man, men have the same freedom and right to do the same. During Hillary’s campaign she tossed her woman card around, and simultaneously divided the nation by gender, but that is okay, she is a woman and she is a Democrat. Don’t preach equality and unification while drawing lines in the sand. 

Only Black Folks Riot

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I was doing an image search for background scenes of rioters. I wanted to set up an inspirational meme and I felt a riot scene would work. I didn’t specify race or gender. The only specification was in America. My exact search was “rioters, America”. The results included people of all racial backgrounds, and a few included people dressed in costumes, mainly clowns. Either way I noticed a number of photos were linked to pages that had the phrase “Double Standard” in the title, so I finally decided to click on a few and see what it was all about.


It turned out it spoke about how riots started by mainly black folk make national news and are dragged through the coals by viewers, but riots started by mainly white folk are not dragged through the coals on a national level. The blogs all seemed to blame white people in general. I hate to break it to people, but the viewers, including white folk, don’t have a whole lot of control on what is or is not reported on a national level. At the end of the day what makes national news is not what the viewers are choosing or not choosing, but whoever is ultimately in charge of the mainstream media and when I say mainstream media I mean the original top newsfeeds ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox News. Fox is not quite original but it still managed to make it up there. CNN and Headline News managed to make that top group of newsfeeds also. Now, I have no clue if there is some ultimate group of people who say what is or is not considered national news, or if there is another group in charge of that group and so on. Those running the US Government behind the curtains may hold the power. Hell, for all I know the main influence comes from those in power of the United Nations or maybe England never fully released its grasp on America after the Revolution. Whoever the ultimate group in power happens to be, it will never be made public, at least not on purpose. If it were made public they would instantly be a target by someone or some other group, it would open the doors to numerous legal issues and so on.


Knowing who is or is not in power in some global level is not important at the moment. (I say global because “race baiting” and most of the other bullshit is not only happening in the USA. It is occurring in numerous countries across the globe.) What is important, is “common folk” across the globe do not fall for all the bullshit. When it comes to rioting, I don’t care what color the majority of rioters and looters happen to be, it is wrong. I don’t care what the reason is for rioting and looting, it is wrong. I don’t care if the rioting occurs in a big city or a small town, it is wrong. Who knows why the mainstream media keeps it quiet. It is assumed race is an issue, but most of the riots started by a majority of white folk were due to a football or baseball team winning or losing. That is a seriously, stupid reason to riot and loot. However, rioting over a sporting event may hinder the NFL or the MLB and maybe that is enough to keep it all quiet, who knows and who cares. The reason I say who cares, is not to belittle any of the rioting, but no matter the minor reasons for picking and choosing what goes national and what doesn’t is small time compared to the main reason which has always been controlling the masses.


How better to control the masses than with news and information. If you want to create a race war the national news needs to make one race bad compared to another race. If the mainstream media only pushes black riots, people who live hundreds of miles away from any riots will only read about what the mainstream media promotes, which is black riots. One cannot blame society for thinking only black people get into riots when the media only makes black riots go national. If you want to blame someone blame the mainstream media or those in charge of it. I say, those in charge of it because for whatever reason all the top news feeds, instantly pick a distracting issue simultaneously. Off shoot news groups join in so many days later, but on day one it is a total coincidence that NBC, CBS, ABC, Headline News and FOX have found the story and all ready to shove it right onto the viral rollercoaster. The mainstream media chooses to promote one over the other. That is why Bill Clinton has gotten away with rape and forcing women to commit whatever sexual acts. If the media was truly fair, Bill Clinton's victims would be getting more attention than Donald Trump’s words.

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When it comes to the so called "balanced news" it is not about reporting all the issues or being objective about it, it is about making sure the scales are properly balanced to control the masses and to create whatever issues in society they feel fit should occur. Who knows why, it could be to keep the masses distracted while different issues are being voted on in the House and Senate. It could be to maintain a distraction while the current government participates in any actions that would upset the majority of the people. The white viewers across the US are not writing to the mainstream media saying “hey I only want you to report about the black crime across the country and ignore the white crime”. No, nobody's writing those letters. The mainstream media is choosing to report one over the other in order to give the people a certain viewpoint about society.


So next time you have an issue about what is in the national news don't point the finger at white people, black people, Republicans or Democrats, point the finger at the mainstream media and hopefully they will listen and maybe one day they will give up the names of those they have been bowing down to for so many years. If that group of people, who have been pulling all the strings, happens to be white that is not all white people, it is that group of white people. If that group happens to be Democrats, it's not all Democrats across the US, it is that group of Democrats. The reason why so many issues never go away, is people spend too much time blaming those who are not at fault. While those who are at fault, sit behind the curtain laughing about everything they manage to get away with.



Hillary's Society

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In most cases if one protects the rights of the individuals, the rights of society as a whole will also end up protected. Plus, whose society is Hillary Clinton talking about when she says she wants to “start thinking about what is best for society”? The #media and the Loony Left will jump to say oh this offends this part of society and should be removed, with no care about the other parts of society who are offended by whatever subject’s removal. Unless society is full of nothing but mindless drones, there isn’t anything that would appease 100% of the masses, so ultimately, someone gets to suffer in order to appease someone else. One example is: It is easier for those offended to change the channel than it is for those who want it but can’t find the channel because someone felt they should have the power to take it away. Same goes with products, if one is offended by say a costume, don’t buy it and don’t wear it, but don’t stop everyone else from buying and wearing it. The Righteous Right have their own list of offensive subjects, but in MOST cases they merely turn the channel in disgust or they don’t buy the product and they usually don’t ask to have it banned. Since the Right do tend to think for themselves, more so than the left, they don’t always get along with each other, and when their elected official tries to ban or prohibit something they speak up and say “Hey! I didn’t elect you to reduce my Freedom, but to maintain and increase it.”


Numerous Right Wing stereotypes, fueled by the media and the Loopy Left, are not accurate concerning all or most Republicans. Log Cabin Republicans is a LGBT Republican group. There are Atheist Republicans, Pro Choice Republicans, Pagan Republicans, Black Republicans, Hispanic Republicans and so on. However, the media and the Democrats creating stereotypes, not only creates walls within society it also mentally manipulates people to choose a political party not due to knowledge of the party or any issues but because they are supposed to pick a party according to their stereotype. I am a woman, as per the Democrat Party I should instantly vote for Hillary Clinton, no questions asked about the issues. Similar to what occurred in 2012 when people were being told to vote for Barack Obama because of the color of his skin. Then, to top it off, the left will insult and degrade those who do not vote according to their Democrat stereotype or they will insult and degrade any stereotype that is considered to be Republican. When it comes to voting for any elected official, one should know the issues, the promises and the history of each candidate, not just because one is somehow supposed to vote for them because they fall into a certain stereotype.


When someone tells you society is more important than the individual, think about whether or not you will be an individual who is on the winning or losing end of what Hillary’s liberal society wants in America. Since you are just an individual, Hillary Clinton won’t care when you happen to be on the losing end of whatever issue she is pushing on American society.


Only Liberals can be Racist

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Look at what Allen West, Ben Carson, Sheriff David Clarke, Mia Love and Elbert Guillory, to name a few, deal with on a daily basis. They deal with continuous racial slurs from trolling liberals. Apparently, it is okay for liberals to call them House n****rs, but disagree with Barack Obama and boom you must be a racist. At the end of the day, most liberals care about liberals and that is it. They can cover it up with making it a gender issue or a race issue, but all they care about is keeping their own rich elite politicians in power. There are some old school liberals who still think for themselves, but they are slowly dwindling away or they are no longer batting for the DNC. 

Post-Debate Bounce

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I think the ‘true numbers’ will stay the same during most of the 2016 Presidential Election. When I say ‘true numbers’ I mean the numbers that are not documented, but are the true realistic numbers of the voters. The numbers, no one will know about until voting day.


In 2012 most Republicans did not seem to care for their options. Plus, from the start the mainstream media had already picked Mitt Romney and made sure he rode the wave all the way to being the GOP candidate.


In 2016 the media did not have that privilege. The media instantly put Jeb Bush on the wave, but he was quickly washed out and the media moved on to Marco Rubio. The whole time being forced to give Donald Trump attention. Donald Trump made sure to create enough drama and attention the mainstream media had no choice, but to pay attention to him. Some of his over the top attention getters is one reason so many voters think twice about voting for Trump, but what other option did he have? The mainstream media made their choice and it was not Donald Trump. So, Donald Trump utilized the public. Bloggers started blogging, graphic artists started producing memes, smartphone owners started posting videos and pictures of Donald Trump and his numerous shenanigans. Obama tried to restrict bloggers and smartphone users by restricting online ‘journalism’ to only those who are licensed or certified. However, the people and the First Amendment won, and the mainstream media was forced to report Donald Trump’s activity whether it was good or bad if they wanted their readers and viewers to stick around.


Now that the primaries are over and Donald Trump is the GOP candidate, he is able to mellow out…a bit. At first the mainstream media reported both candidates, then they veered away from Donald Trump, so he tossed in a few attention getters and the media was back. Hillary Clinton started fainting and rather than admit she was sick, she kept it all top secret. She did a better job at keeping her pneumonia or whatever the hell is wrong with her a secret than she did tens of thousands of classified emails. Since she was constantly missing in action, the media had no choice but to report about Donald Trump. It was either that or act as if there was no presidential election this year. They could have increased their attention toward Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, but why would the mainstream media give a 3rd party a chance to earn their spot in the debates?


Ultimately 2016 is not a flip a coin decision. Both candidates are totally different, even though the media would like everyone to think they only differ by gender or to be more specific, male/female reproductive organs. To start most of their issues are on opposite sides of the political spectrum. Hillary is government sector and Trump is private sector. Hillary is a hard core Democrat and Trump is a Right Leaning Independent. Hillary being in the political arena, even as first lady and as a politician’s daughter, has made many of her political choices and issues official by voting yes or no in the senate, making political speeches, and so on. Most of Trump’s history on issues and political choices are not official. Some of the Trump quotes used by the left were nothing more than lines from a script for his reality show, publicity radio segments and hosting beauty pageants. Who knows what his words would have been back in the day if he was also going to make a vote that would affect the lives of millions. Odds are he would have done more than just read the script or make a joke about it, since his goal before running for office was to bring in more viewers and customers.


Now that he is making the switch from private sector to public sector he is catching up on many issues. When he first started campaigning one could tell most of the information he had was from the same source everyone else depended on, the mainstream media. Now he has had the chance to find out more in-depth information and have the opportunity to visit with foreign leaders and ask about US/foreign issues not just where to put the next hotel/casino with a golf course.


The “post-debate bounce” may not occur in the media polls. Most people are set in their vote and this election may have less undecided voters than most Presidential Elections.

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There is No Excuse to not need an ID to Vote

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There is no need to stop people from needing a valid ID to vote, other than to allow voter fraud to occur or to participate in such fraud. The left argues that the disabled or those in poverty cannot obtain a driver’s license, but there is a list of possible IDs. Texas offers 7 possible forms of photo ID and if one cannot afford a Texas ID at $16 they can make a request for it to be less and pay in installments. If one can give a good reason to not be able to acquire a valid photo ID, there are 7 non-photo ID options which includes a birth certificate, a paycheck stub, a government check stub or a current utility bill. No matter how easy a state has made it to acquire a valid ID for voting, the left has found more and more excuses including their worn out Race Card. Not because they care, not because they are promoting democracy, but to force their choices on others and promote tyranny in the form of voter fraud.

Ted Cruz Endorses Donald Trump

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Ted Cruz had no choice, but to endorse Donald Trump. I mean what is he going to do, be a Republican and tell people to not vote or to vote for someone in another political party? His choices included switching to another political party, quitting his political career or supporting the Republican Party. His career is not over, everyone says it is but politicians have survived worse and voters forget, that is why so many politicians keep getting re-elected over and over by voters who usually forget rather than forgive. Plus, most voters only vote every four years when it comes time to vote for President. People complain about the politicians not doing their jobs, but the voters don't do theirs either.

Never Trump equals 4 Years of Hillary

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It is not to limit people to only voting for Donald Trump. Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are still options, but don’t push for others to join into the Never Trump philosophy. Don’t vote for Hillary Clinton in order to stop Trump, as if she is going to be any better. Ted Cruz finally endorsed Trump, and at this point in the campaign Johnson and Stein don’t have the numbers to beat Trump or Hillary. Hillary Clinton has promised to maintain Barack Obama’s agenda and fulfill whatever goals he has not achieved. If Trump was not your first choice, oh well, there is no promise everything will always work out in your favor, but don’t get pissy, have a temper tantrum and help Hillary win.


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